Create the space for life…

How are you filling the space? Now that I am living without a television, I realise how many available hours I actually have to do many things I love... What’s more I’ve been able [...]

Real Time Heart Based Community 2020

Overview 2020 In response to the changes that took place in the world, RTHB, like many organisations, adapted to keep our intention and vision for a heart-based world, alive. Our projects continued; Knit a [...]

Keep Moving Lifestyle 2019

Keep Moving Lifestyle 2019 This year, Keep Moving Lifestyle, introduced a monthly focus.   This was another way to sneak in some extra movement throughout the month. We loved introducing this monthly focus as it [...]

BRACE your abs…

Hi everyone, in the Keep Moving Lifestyle Face Book group, we have a new 21 day focus. This is about using your deep abdominal muscles (for those who are technical it’s the TA – Transverse Abdominus!). [...]

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