Create the space for life…

How are you filling the space?

Now that I am living without a television, I realise how many available hours I actually have to do many things I love…

What’s more I’ve been able to choose what I do with my time.

I’ve spent more time on small things that have me feel good and are making a difference; things I felt I didn’t have time for and actually did…

  • learning- I’m now making crocheted balls made from plarn (plastic yarn made from repurposed plastic bags)
  • sorting – spending more time on waste management where small plastic items, green waste and light plastics are separated
  • reading – a few pages each day of books I’m learning from and appreciating
  • exercising – more walks, runs, stretches,

So now I have more time for the ‘small’ which is bringing my real wellbeing – not the here and there wellbeing, but a way of life wellbeing…

So the key for me was to create the space to fill life differently, even if the move was a big one in the first instance.

There are many hours in the day, so perhaps you too could check in with how you are filling the space?

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