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In today’s times, we know that around the corner, we may be faced with challenges that take us completely away from life as we know it.

Perhaps an illness, a loss, redundancy, changes outside our control.

And in a blink, the spiral effect of that situation, changes our ability to sustain the basics: food, shelter, connection.

In a day, the way in which we give and receive, can look very different.

And that’s what this community project is about.

This project aims to share the where, who, when of opportunities to share your care & fare.

Care & Fare for safety, survival, wellbeing and human connection for specific groups and specific times of the year.

The items we focus on for those doing it tough include:

Pantry food items, unopened and within date : e.g. pasta, rice, packet food, tin food, non perishables.

How to get involved

The Share Care & Fare Box

Download, print and attach your Share Care & Fare label.

Share Care & Fare label 

Drop off spots Care & Fare

You now have a Share Fare Box.

At home

Have your Share Fare & Care Box in the pantry / cupboard to add any items to donate rather than waste.

At work

Have your Share Care & Fare Box available in your workplace.

Activate the ‘drive’ and keep the Share Care & Fare Box mission alive, for all to actively contribute.

At schools and clubs 

Activate a ‘drive’. Create a great opportunity for people to share and care.

Choose a donation spot close by. 


Share Care & Fare is a project to support giving (what would otherwise be wasted or unappreciated by some) so others can receive (what could make the difference to their basic survival needs in life).

On our travels through our other community projects, we meet so many wonderful people and organisations doing great things in this give and receive area.

This project aims to connect people in the community, who are more able on any day, to be in the give (share care & fare) with those in appreciation of the receive (on any day).

An opportunity to become part of maintaining the balance and homeostasis of life.

Often we don’t give because we don’t know how or where.

Drop off spots

Puddle Jumpers – 08 70715270 gro.selddupehtllanipmujobfsctd@srepmujelddup

Puddle Jumpers equips young people with the confidence and skills to assume more control and make informed choices in their everyday lives.We also provide weekly food nights for families and children to collect free food (fresh produce and pantry items), along with a free dinner, free haircuts and an assortment of fine motor, gross motor and literacy based activities for children to learn and in and enjoy.

Donate: We take any form of non-perishable or perishable items as food fare donations

Glandore 9-5pm at our offices from Monday, Wednesday to Friday.52 Pleasant Ave, Glandore

We also have 2 Op Shops,

Melrose Park Monday to Friday 979 South Road Melrose Park

Hindmarsh Monday 300 Port Road Hindmarsh.

Food Barn – ph 8209 5410

The Food Barn offers a free and nutritious lunch for people in need. The lunch is cooked by volunteers and is avaibable weekdays at 11:30am excluding public holidays.

Food Barn is a warm and friendly place where every one is welcome.

Elizabeth 91-93 Elizabeth Way, Elizabeth 8:30am – 2:30pm

Donate: Non perishable food items (unopened and within date)

Clayton Wesley Uniting Church – ph 8331 3529 or 83319589

Clayton Wesley Uniting Church has a weekly service that shares food fare to those in the community in need of a little extra support.

Beulah Park The Spire – Clayton Wesley Uniting Church, Corner of The Parade & Portrush Road, Beulah Park


Marion Life

Donate food and personal care items to support those in need.


A Helping Hand 

Hand food and blankets out directly to the homeless as well as to organisations such as WestCare Baptist who forward on donations.

Hackam:  Tuesday to Saturday Where? Braids n Shades, Hair salon 99 Penney’s Hill Road, Hackam.


Non perishable food items (unopened and within date)

Self care items, unopened (sanitary products, shampoo and conditioner, deodorant – non aerosol – toothpaste)

 Treasure Boxes ph 0423825714 

Treasure Boxes is a service that supports newborns, babies and children who do not have access to the basic essentials such as a warm blanket. They have 14 drop off locations around Adelaide.

Edwardstown  Unit 4/1-5 De Laine Ave, is open week days except Wednesdays from 10am – 2pm.


DO NOT take food items.

Blankets, tangible items for babies and children e.g. baby toiletries (powder, baby bath, nappy cream shampoo), nappies (all sizes) + toothbrushes, deodorant, sanitary items for older children.

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