Knit a Care Square

This community project is about wellbeing and human connection. Not only does knitting squares feel good for the mind and body, it feels good to be contributing towards blankets being made to help warm the bodies and hearts of people doing it tough.

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Darn with Plarn – save our planet

This community project is about the wellbeing and feel good that comes through doing small things that contribute to a better environment.  This project repurposes plastic bags, through a great activity of making plastic yarn (‘plarn’) to crotchet items, our main item being a care mat, we donate to support people doing it tough on the streets. To save our planet – we find innovative and creative ways to do our small part.

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Walk and Talk, Care and Share

This community project is about supporting wellbeing and moving more. It encourages you to explore your environment and discover the range of walk locations available locally. If you are in Adelaide SA, this is for you. Watch out for locations and dates and take the time, for conversations while you walk. We encourage you to gather a few food pantry items throughout the month to bring on the day. We will be sharing collected items to our range of outlets to support those doing it tough.

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Share Fare

This community project is about giving and receiving. Passing on what you don’t need or use to those who could do with a little support. Giving when and how it matters. When it can make a difference to life and physical & mental wellbeing. While these may be things that matter, what’s behind it is the heart that matters.

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Keep Moving Lifestyle

keep-moving-lifestyleThis community project is about supporting wellbeing and moving more. This project shares how in your usual and everyday life, you can make a difference with small movements. Through the generosity of some wonderful ‘moving more’ advocates, this project is available to everyone.

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Fit 2 help

This community project is about wellbeing and human connection. We know that we can make use of everyday activities to achieve our ‘feel good’. Not can we get fit and mobile, we can have fun! This project takes this concept one step further! It brings the movement to household chores to those in need of a little extra help. So it’s a very unique type of workout.

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Real Time Talk

People working in modern agency relaxing during lunch break

This community project is about human connection and support. By bringing people together in a safe and open environment, to feel heard and connect with others. Sometimes the pathway forward can become clear from the honesty of real talk.

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Free Face Masks for all

For those who can sew, this is a call out to make masks and we can provided them to charities and organisations who will distribute them to those in need. For many living in poverty it is difficult to afford face-masks yet they are now prescribed in Victoria and countries around the world. The link below provides details of how to make them. Drop off masks to the collection spots for Knit a Care Square.