This page is a summary of blogs and articles about many of the real time heart-based community projects, topics, activities and people in the community. We would love to hear from you about what you are up to.

Trust – a heart-based living approach

Trust is a word often used, and we thought we’d have a conversation around how we see it in terms of a heart based living approach.  As trust often revolves around what we believe, it becomes clear how we can gain or lose trust, as our many life experiences has us all with varied beliefs in a broad range of areas So what is trust? Nigel and Tricia have a natural flowing conversation around the topic and it is interesting where it ends up

Elite (poetic expression)

Interestingly, the power around the elite, has been leading discussions around the world in relation to the way of life and the sense of equity and how to bring to care for all humans on the planet. Is it time to look at the nature of the ‘elite’ and ensure no harm or damage ripples from ‘getting there’ or while there?

Heart-based kindness versus niceness

In life, we are regularly caught up in systems that are meant to be helpful however often lack the flexibility and capability to accommodate unique and specific needs.  Help is often provided with politeness, doing things with a smile, adhering to protocols however the systems themselves often lack a human approach.  People are looking to be truly heard and understood,  as often life issues are more complex, not straight forward.

Sapphire (poetic expression)

It was wonderful to find out more about sapphires. That’s the beauty of these sessions, it can path the way to learn things we may not otherwise have researched. Of course it also takes us somewhere, and even brings up things in our subconscious that say a little about us and the way we see the world. What do you know about ‘sapphires’? I learnt a lot about what they symbolise. I loved the discussion around how gems are extracted and the role they play in defining status in many instances.

William’s Wardrobe

Sometimes you come across people who are having a significant impact on those around them. Catherine and Hazel from William’s Wardrobe, are two such people. We were grateful to have spent a night with Catherine, who was looking for people to help. People who most of us choose to ignore, drive passed and do not want to see.‘Hi we’re from Williams wardrobe, have you eaten tonight, do you need any clothing or blankets,’ she would say.And that got things started…

Secrets (poetic expression)

This week’s topic on ‘secrets’ brought some interesting perspectives. There were many feelings about the nature of a secret, and its impact. Even the behaviours surrounding the thought of a secret… Often it seems to attract attention.Once again, this topic had us delve into our selves, our lives, our past and address or have a conversation with it, which we have come to know how powerful that is.