This page is a summary of blogs and articles about many of the real time heart-based community projects, topics, activities and people in the community. We would love to hear from you about what you are up to.

Window – poetic expression

‘Window’ – a great word to reflect on this week. So many ways we use the word window, and quite significant with meaning and application.

Joke – poetic expression

‘Joke’ – a word used and expressed in many ways. A nice chance to express differently this week. From telling a joke, to what is considered a joke and the impact and what is hidden behind a joke.

Survive – poetic expression

‘Survive’ – a great word that took us all in different directions within the poetry and the discussion; about life, the planet, inanimate objects, viruses, the spirit of humanity, impermanence. A great way to express something about how we see and experience the world.

Oasis – poetic expression

Oasis, is the word this week. It took many of us to search out a little more about the nature of an oasis, and brought many insights and took us in different directions. An absolute amazing phenomena, beautiful in its presence, in amongst the harshness of the environment around.

Spontaneous – poetic expression

The word ‘spontaneous’ once again brought us to different feelings and memories that inspired some of the prose and poetry this week. What does it mean in the context of our lives, the way we live, or engage things around us. How does it feel? What does it bring? Does it have value? Does it have risk?

Creating meaning from situations – podcast

While finding meaning can have its benefits, creating meaning also comes with some challenges. Meaning as we know is derived from our lived experience, and as we all experience life differently, finding common meaning, is less likely.