This page is a summary of blogs and articles about many of the real time heart-based community projects, topics, activities and people in the community. We would love to hear from you about what you are up to.

Alien – poetic expression

It seems the feeling of alienation, came through in the poems, and we hope you enjoy the diversity of the way in which this emerges.

Genius – poetic expression

While we often view a genius in a positive light, we also recognise, that like most humans, it is not all ‘roses’. And what is ‘genius’? Often we think of the grand, however what about the genius in the simple?

Thrill – poetic expression

‘Thrill’ – a word that took us on many journeys! What we loved this week, was the way in which we could feel the ‘thrill’ of it, as the poems unfolded.

Teabag – poetic expression

‘Teabag’ – now who would have thought such a word could bring out so many themes. We hardly realised ourselves what would arrive.

Knit a Care Square 2022

Another wonderful year with the Knit a Care Square project, with so many of you in the community, donating your skills, passion, love for knitting, time, wool and more. The end result 715 blankets passed on to those in need of some love and warmth.

Surprise – poetic expression

‘Surprise’ – it was no surprise that this word, used frequently in our language, brought much variation with the direction of the poems this week.