This page is a summary of blogs and articles about many of the real time heart-based community projects, topics, activities and people in the community. We would love to hear from you about what you are up to.

Travel – poetic expression

Travel. Where has travel taken you? What has it brought? This word brought the opportunity to notice what we discovered, learnt, realised, experienced, witnessed,

Social Media in the headlines – podcast

Today we drew upon a news article brought to light by a NSW politician this week, calling out to the social media platforms in relation to misinformation and its impact. Where are things headed?

Reflection – poetic expression

Reflection. We were taken into many directions with this word. Upon reflection, it was a word that drew us in, to parts of ourselves.

Fear – poetic expression

Fear. There are many unknowns and uncertainties we are now facing, which characteristically as humans, tends to activate our fear responses.

Conflict of Interest – podcast

In this podcast we discuss how conflicts of interest are actually found in all areas of life. For example how often do we see that people make suggestions, push for an outcome, or coerce for reasons that bring personal gain?

Bingo – poetic expression

Bingo. A word we had fun with this week. A word that once again led us in different directions, that explored feelings, thoughts along the way.