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Information about the squares (e.g. size, needles, ply etc)
We invite you to knit squares-
plain knit – garter stitch preferable (less curling)
or patterns that finish quite flat
technique tip: slip first stitch and knit into the back of the last stitch (to create a neat edge)
20cm X 20cm square (cast on between 40 and 45 stitches – best to test your own tension)
size 4 needles
8ply wool or acrylic
sew in loose threads (using darning needle)
How can you contribute or get involved?
knit squares (details in tab below)
donate balls of wool (8ply wool)
donate our ‘signature blue wool’ used to join squares
design and create kits (that make up to become blankets, usually 5 squares across and 8 squares down, however some smaller and larger sizes never go astray!)
join squares to make blankets (often crotchet stitch, or sewing stitch)
have your facility available as a drop off spot (a list of drop off spots are available below)
pick up and drop off (squares, blankets, wool etc)
gather groups to knit together
train others (kit designers, joiners, sewers)
share the word
or perhaps use a Community Drakes Knit a Care Square swipe tag to assist in gaining credit for wool
Where do you drop off the squares in SA?
Knit4Charities, Knit and Natter – groups
Tranmere; 22 Tennyson Ave, (leave in crate at the front door)
Treasure Boxes – Unit 4, 1/5 DeLaine Avenue, Edwardstown, SA
Blow its a hair thing – Rundle Place, Adelaide 
Concept Collections- 48 Birralee Rd Regency Pk
Blackwood area – (contact Kay)
Flava Food and Coffee – Christies Beach
North East area – (contact Gloria)
Elizabeth Rise Community – 7/26 Hamblyn Rd Elizabeth Downs (Monday’s 10:30am-12:30)
Reach Physio + Rehab – 25A Newlands Drive West beach, Monday – Friday 9am-5pm, Sat 9am-1pm
Tea Tree Gully Toy Library (Tues & Thurs 10-1,Wed 2-5)
6 Mitton Court, Mt Barker (box on porch)
Arkaba Medical Centre – 257 Fullarton Rd Parkside (ask for Belinda)
Hallet Cove and District Lions – Op Shop Shed: 36 Quailo Ave Hallet Cove Thurs&Sat (9:30-12:30)
Palais Semaphore (gaming room)
Farm Fresh Market, Murray Bridge ( Tracey)
5EBI Byron Place, Adelaide
Needle nook – 3/453 Fullarton Road, Highgate
Knight Locksmiths – 2a West Thebarton Road, Thebarton, Mon – Fri 8:30am-3pm
26 Haven Road, Aberfoyle Park, location to be informed

Postal address: PO Box 3389 Rundle Mall, SA 5000
Where do you drop off the squares in QLD?
A Suzette Powell – Coordinator for AKWAK (Grange Library once a month) or her home in Algester (contact her from our Facebook page or leave us a message)
Jeannie Buttery (Can be contacted from our Facebook page or leave us a message)
Where do you drop off the squares in Tasmania?
Knits Needles & Wool (150 Charles Street, Launceston 7250)
What other ways can you contribute?
Community Groups
Create ‘hubs’ to knit, sew in ends, design blankets, join blankets ready to donate
** This could be created in a rural community, or another state, or country!
(We can help kick start the project, based on what has helped so far)
Learning and meaningful activity: teach knitting, make squares, design and join blankets
Team building, learning, creative and meaningful activity: sort squares, organise squares into rows to form kits (to hand over to the community to join and form blankets to donate)
Who receives the blankets?
St Vincent De Paul
NDVS (Northern Domestic Violence Service)
Uniting SA (Emergency Relief)
Hutt St Centre
Mary Magdalene Centre
Smith Family
Salvation Army
Gawler and District College Children’s Centre
Heart and Soul
Anti-Poverty Network
Baptist Care SA
Junction Youth
Marion Life
Treasure Box
A helping hand
William’s Wardrobe
Cafe Outside the Square
Wrap with Love
Aussies Knitting for War Affected Kids (AKWAK)
And more…
Which other organisations have you donated blankets to?
The Marilyn’s – raising money for Cancer Council SA
Cancer Voices
Several blankets throughout the year are also auctioned for people.
Highest bidder receives the blanket in exchange for donating the bid amount to an humanity based organisation.
To date we have had bidders donate to: 
Leukaemia Foundation
Animal Welfare
Trojan Trek
Uniting SA Christmas Appeal
Our latest auctions raising funds to feed those doing it rough via Cafe Outside the Square ‘the Soup Kitchen’
What are people saying about their experiences of being involved?
‘Loving being involved in this project!’
‘It has helped me give up smoking’
‘It has helped the arthritis in my hands’
‘I love that it gives me purpose’
‘I now have something worthwhile to do at night!’
‘I love seeing my squares appear in the blankets’
How did Knit-a-Care-Square (KACS) start?
Knit a care square was inspired at a time, when the realisation of the win win for people knitting and the people receiving blankets.
We have written a blog that shares the background story.  Read blog here.
What does the project bring?
It is a project that brings happiness, wellbeing and comfort – whether you give (in creating the blanket) or receive (in using the blanket).
We have many personal stories shared by people in care facilities, people who are lonely, have disabilities, looking for purpose.
We know that people WANT to HELP and be involved in purposeful, rewarding and fulfilling projects and that’s what Knit a Care Square brings.

How did the hearts on blankets come about?

Thank you to one of our volunteers, Kathy Bryker,

for this wonderful idea, to attach a beautiful crocheted heart to each of the blankets.

We feel the blankets are complete with this addition!

If you would like to contribute in this way, Kathy has done a video for us to learn how. Visit here

Here are some instructions on making the hearts if you are interested.

See Videos about KACS here (recommended)
Kathy Bryker – Hearts
Joining stitch using darning needle with Marilyn
Treasure Boxes
Edging stitch using 2 pointed knitting needles with Marilyn
Knit a Care Square with Tricia
Kathy shows how to create the hearts

Contact us for more information or to leave a comment
How can we help or support you?

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Business (if applicable)

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More background information on KaCS:

Knit a Care Square is community project where people from all walks of life – age, location, occupation, skill level – (people in aged care facilities, school children, community groups, workplaces, families) contribute towards knitting squares that are eventually joined and distributed to those in our community, who are doing it tough in some way.

We regularly share what is happening, how things are unfolding and new pathways being created.

We are open to restarting a Knit-a care-square zoom session where there is interest, let us know how you feel and days/times and how often that would be best for you.

You can also visit our blogs here.
Our Face Book page: Knit a care square

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