About Real Time Heart-Based

About Real Time Heart-Based

About RTHB

Real Time Heart-Based

Who are we and what do we do?
We put people and outcomes before revenue and profit.
Our mission: discovering and reaching the potential within
Our vision: towards a more caring and thriving world.
By: Seeing, Feeling, Doing Differently

Our Values and Methods

Our values are based on caring for the self, others and the environment (planet), through:
  • Deeper connection to the authentic self, others and the community
  • Self-dependence to freely move towards healing and thriving
Our approaches support our mission, vision and values by:
  • Supporting people to break cycles and become freer of burdens
  • Enabling people to discover who they are and what they bring
  • Taking the time for listening and noticing what matters
  • Building Emotional Intelligence for healing, growth and self-dependence
  • Practicing self-care and awareness towards improvement of the whole
We also engage in community projects and events, blogs, and podcasts.

What we provide

We bring a unique ‘discovery methodology’ that is suitable and accessible for people, organisations and communities from all walks of life, cultures, and challenges.
Healing (‘the process of becoming sound or healthy again’), is at the core of our approach and opens the way for ongoing improvement in wellness, wellbeing, inner peace and deep happiness.
The therapeutic benefits of this approach is based upon ancient and universal wisdom, modern research and lived experience.

Healing can be defined as – ‘strengthening the mind and spirit to improve the quality of life’.

Our Services and Therapies

We provide this through our Personal Support Sessions, and our online Personal Improvement Program, for individuals and organisations.
This proven heart-based approach is based upon research and lived experience and supports people to experience their authentic selves and choices and feel positive lasting happiness and inner contentment.
We hope you will have a chat with us about how this approach can help you.

Some experiences of Real Time Heart-Based

Written Testimonials

“The biggest discovery, have been the rules I have been upholding, without realising the limitations I have discovered to listen to my heart and express my feelings.

I liked the dynamic between Nigel and Tricia and I felt heard and supported, with no judgement” (BF)

“I feel more confident to say when I don’t feel I can manage to do something and to take things slower but be more present.

Thank you for your support and wisdom!” (KY)

“I’ve discovered that my priorities need to be adjusted. I feel I’ve gained more insight into why I often feel overwhelmed.

I have very much appreciated and enjoyed the face-to-face sessions with Tricia and Nigel” (PM)

“I have discovered to listen to my heart, express my feelings, do conscious choices in my life. The most important: do what do you want to do with love.

I‘m impressed with the results of this program.” (MR)

“More conscious of panic/racing thoughts. Being aware, practice There is so much out there to learn. Feeling much better, more content and slowing down my mind.

With my heartfelt gratitude to you both, very uplifting for me.” (CC)

More content. Opening my vision for the better, for me. To be more active. To actually do what I feel. Open my horizon to expand my day. To be stronger to make my own decisions.

From when I began the program till now I feel much better in myself.”  (CC)

“Looking at beliefs and rules I have created for myself was very valuable. The program and choices helped me to stay in the present and not think too far ahead in life.

Thanks again, your program really got me moving on things” (MH)

“Clearer focus on my priorities and making efforts to start exploring new ideas and  putting them into place. I am maintaining my fitness and equilibrium and reminder that my passions feed me!

Thank you Tricia and Nigel” (LF)

“Try to work out my limits and become more active in the things that I enjoy and have energy for. I have become more aware of the things that are most important to me

I am being more open about my needs to other people instead of keeping to myself.” (JM)

“The program has been a big journey of self-discovery, including my strengths and things to grow in, as well as the rules/beliefs I have been adhering to which don’t align with me.

Thank you so much to Tricia and Nigel for having me as part of this program, always touching base and truly listening and understanding to not only myself but every other wonderful participant (CP)

I feel I have a truer understanding of who I am and the path that I need to follow not for others, but for myself. I believe I have become more confident and sure of myself in a variety of areas.

… I am very grateful for the opportunity(CP)

This program helped me to form my direction with career, family and friends, and helped me to really understand who I am and what I want.

The biggest discovery is that everything is fluid, forever changing, and sometimes unexpected. However, this excites me…” (CP)

Meet Our Team of Specialists​

RTHB Team​






Our Team in Closeup

Tricia La Bella
Nigel Stedman
Maria Dilorenzo
Tamara King
Miriam Henke
Wendy Gallard
Mardiyah Salah
Paul Campbell
Xueqian Chien Zhang

Our Story

After feeling something was missing with our current way of facing life challenges, the founders, Tricia and Nigel, began to explore and practice in their own lives, many researched and universal truths, from where real time, heart based (RTHB) approaches emerged.
While their journey led them on different challenges and paths, they come together with this common vision.

Video Testimonials

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