Whistle – Poetic Expression

‘Whistle’ – so many ways a whistle sound arrives. A sound that can bring all sorts of feelings and responses. What whistles stand out for you?
I know when I hear people whistle with an ability to hold a tune and even create emotions with the variation of sound, I am so in awe! It is an amazing skills. Do you have this skill?
Where does the word take you? What does it conjure for you?
We hope you enjoy the poems.
These weekly sessions provide the chance to express through writing, poems, or conversation. The word usually conjures so many powerful themes that we discuss throughout.
The word next week is ‘Layers’.
Hope to see you there.

Black and White

Come on you lot.
Spring is in the air,
Time to whistle up
Your dive bombing scares.
Fun times are ahead
Fledglings take note
Find a likely spot
I have found mine already
Time to show your bravery
Keep quite: Eyes peeled
Remember no warnings
Pick your moment
For maximum effect
Look for strangers
Let the locals go by
Here goes my first foray
Watch my clever style
You bewdy: what a laugh
Notice how I went
Swooping down: target unaware
Their shoulders and head
Ducking, weaving in despair
That was so much fun
I can’t wait to do it again.
PJR    4.09.2023

Can you hear it?

A windy day…
She boards the train…
Patsy Biscoe, she plays
She disembarks… 
Getting attention from the builders, from a construction site…
Police directing traffic, broken down lights…
She arrives at work; it makes it fun…
After work, it’s netball, the game has begun…
Then a movie, ‘The Sound of Music’, a strange way to get to attention…
Late to bed, ears abuzz, no need for inspection…
The ‘sound of whistles’ through life!
Cryptic clues…
Can you hear them,
they’re rife!

TLaB 4th September

Smiling Mind

I didn’t want to whistle
I didn’t want to hum
After listening to your song
And the beating of the drum,
It truly made me cry.
Stirring deep emotions
Of the ones I hold most dear
So many faces passed my mind
Some of a gently whistling kind
Uplifting feelings came my way
I surely had a Lovely Day
CCon 4th September 2023

Live and Whistle

I like the whistling sound, especially hearing others whistle, because I don’t know how to whistle yet. I will get there.
 Therefore, I like to listen to a song with a whistling sound too. 
It adds a very relaxed, happy and playful vibe.
I think that’s also a great attitude to have in life.
One of my mentors Bill loved to whistle.
As soon as I heard the sound, I knew he was coming.
That sound made me feel he was always happy and chilled.
That’s also the impression I had on many Australians that I’ve met, laid back. 
I started to reflect, 
maybe I don’t need to be that intense and read so many books about time management. 
Yes, that’s right.
When we are more relaxed, 
it’s easier to live in the moment,
our creativity will also become more sensitive,
to pick up the natural rhythm and beats.
and capture the best picture.
That is, 
from our own eyes and hearts. 
XZQ 4th September 23

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