Too Busy to Find Time?

Are you busy doing things that you are meant to be doing to get ‘ahead’ or to ‘keep up’ or ‘stay well’ with life passing you by very quickly or not as you would like?
Have you ever wondered why you are doing what you are doing, and questioned how you are going about it?
It often seems, we are facing people who feel they ‘have to’ do certain things in certain ways, and often convince themselves that is the best or only way they can.
The issue is that so many aspects of life is requiring so much of our resources; our time, money, energy, and focus, it is becoming too difficult to uphold and stay well.
According to a survey conducted on 2000 individuals by Onepoll on behalf of H&R Block, 59% of Americans find it extremely difficult to balance work and their personal schedules. In fact the average participant claimed to be so busy they on get about 26 minutes of free time a week.
Many are feeling the brunt from the everyday transactions we undertake to uphold life from things such as paying bills, buying products, upgrading services and technology, fixing household items.
 It seems that within each of these, glitches in systems, availability, changes in process, inconsistencies, in-congruence or errors, are taking their toll on us mentally and emotionally.  
And then there’s our involvement in many things that we want to spend time on, friends, children, family, and life. They take energy, however, how much do we have available for things that matter?
As we spend more time on this way of life, we don’t seem to have the space to address things differently.
We tend to rely on our usual routines that feel more familiar to engage.
We may continue to be on the lookout for quick approaches towards efficiencies, systems, and strategies to make life simpler within that, and build more ‘resilience’.
The irony is that many of the efficiencies are built on things that require more of our resources and focus.
An example of this is using an app to help organise the day which requires time to data input and use the system, or creating and sticking to lists and plans that reduce our ability to act spontaneously and enjoy natural opportunities (fixed or open mindset approach).
Our approaches are resulting in our bodies and minds being busier than ever.
We may just feel on top of things, until we are faced with a challenge or issue, or an unexpected arrival or a distraction that has lured us to take on something else! It may then feel like we are ‘on the edge’.
Evidence by Irving (who is part of the team of researchers at UC Berkely) is showing we are experiencing more of an unhealthy busy (wandering) mind state, focused on worrying and ruminating, affecting our happiness and wellbeing.
The challenging contradiction: we believe we don’t have time or space (openness) to entertain another way of going about life. And we continue to fall for ‘something new’, sold as ‘the solution’.
This is what we call ‘caught in the spiral’.
Will it change?
Possibly… if something so significant happens that throws you off your life, and forces a quit. A quit where reshuffling and readdressing is necessary to survive. For myself way back in 2006 it was a cancer diagnosis.
Or there is another way…
Choose to change.
And by that, it is not just superficial change by taking away or adding something.
The change is from taking the deep journey, not the latest fad that is designed to keeping us going in the same ‘spiral’.
It is a journey that unfolds and evolves over time.
A pathway to seeing, feeling, and doing differently.
To healing and regaining your life.
Where the by-product is the evidence of what is real and true.
Where the inner peace and happiness resides.
So, are you up for it?
We feel it will be the way for the future, as we are all running out of places to hide, and ways to squeeze more out of ourselves. The Great Resignation was an example of the feelings of those feeling the toxic effect of the way of life in businesses and organisations.
That’s the reason for bringing this alternative approach that can guide you to a space where it is possible to seek something other before the ‘burnout’ occurs.
The positive thing is, that each time you discover from yourself, and implement something small, you are on your way to healing!

We are here if you would like to know more,
Look forward to support you on your journey of discovery,
Tricia and Nigel

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