William’s Wardrobe

Sometimes you come across people who are having a significant impact on those around them. Catherine and Hazel from William’s Wardrobe, are two such people. We were grateful to have spent a night with Catherine, who was looking for people to help. People who most of us choose to ignore, drive passed and do not want to see.‘Hi we’re from Williams wardrobe, have you eaten tonight, do you need any clothing or blankets,’ she would say.And that got things started…

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Knit a Care Square 2019

Knit a Care Square 2019 It is the third year for Knit a Care Square and we’d like to say a big thank you to this wonderful community. Over the last 3 years, the number of blankets have grown… 2017: 15 blankets were completed by a relatively small number of volunteer knitters, designers and joiners[…]read more

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Knit a Care Square 2021

Knit a Care Square 2021 Well once again, what an amazing year for everyone who both contributes to and receives from the making, joining and using these beautiful blankets. As we all know, in the midst of a global pandemic, we need to adapt to the changing conditions and we did. The previous year taught[…]read more

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The power of knitting on wellbeing

The power of knitting on wellbeing I have been watching my grandson wrap himself up in his favourite ‘blankey’… Yes that’s right, the one I knitted lovingly over the year (or two!) It was the best feeling – watching the comfort he received from the hand crafted blanket. I laughed with happiness as he rolled[…]read more

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Everyone is involved

. . Last year…  it was wonderful to see how the year 6 students at Trinity Gardens Primary School, learned to knit squares, design layouts and join squares that later formed 2 beautiful blankets that were donated to those in need. The students this year took on another role. They were given bags and bags[…]read more

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