vw-The group vision – the obstacles

  Once a vision is established, it often isn’t long  before obstacles (stopping the vision) to arrive. As a group, it is about collecting the broad range in relation to all the members of the group. Some of these obstacles may be personal and others relevant to some or all others. It is important to[…]read more

vw-The group vision – introduction

  Wellbeing Platform introduction from Realtime Enhancements on Vimeo. When working in groups – the personal vision changes to the group vision. When working in groups, creating the space to become open and connected and appreciate each other for what is possible in the future. ***ACTIVITY*** Think about your work team and what you see[…]read more

Create your Vision – an open and ready bucket

The ‘bucket’ When the bucket has been created, you are now in a position to notice and choose small actions that you may not have been open to previously. Contribute only as ‘feels good’ for you. When you feel vital you are likely to contribute with more energy. On some days, your contribution may be[…]read more

The group vision – action and live the vision

  When all people in the group are doing what they can when they can, it creates momentum.  There are no rules. It is important to respect each other, and allow what can be done, without expecting things to happen. This way everyone works with what is happening rather than trying to force things and[…]read more

vw-The group vision – the vision

  ARE YOU READY TO OPEN UP AND CREATE THE VISION TOGETHER?   The collective, common vision / want With common values established among  the group, team, family or other, the collective vision is shaped and brings all on board. It is an important process to work though.  (Have someone take you through for best[…]read more

vw-Live and track your Vision – keep it alive

  The ‘helping body’  The image of this ‘body’ represents the process that forms a system of keeping your vision alive. By now you will recognise key aspects: The vision The 4 P buckets: personal, people, process, place The buttons: that represent the small contributions.   NOW…Let’s explain the inner circles that represents the essence[…]read more

vw-Create your Vision – use the 4 P approach

The 4 P’s Each P has influence on achieving what you want to achieve. Each P can both positively and negatively affect your ability to move towards your vision. Your job, is to ask yourself – what obstacle is affecting your potential? Take the time to explore the obstacles that present among each of the P categories. P1[…]read more

vw-The group vision – the possibilities

 When working with groups, there are an abundance of ways to fill buckets.  Making things visible helps to keep it real. Sharing what is happening helps to keep the momentum.

vw-Live your Vision – the next step

Acknowledge by affirming With the decision to lift the lid of the boxes create buckets and commence with just 1 button, in some small way, the vision is BEING CREATED. We recognise the importance of creating and establishing an AFFIRMATION around your  VISION. Why? Because the affirmation is the dialogue – your talk – that[…]read more

vw-Create your Vision – write your story

The personal vision / want How to create the outer vision  (to write below)  What is the outer-sphere? When the vision, the ideal, the want has been stated and the intention is to create, it usually sits ‘outside’ of you to begin. It doesn’t feel like a reality in the initial stages. Over time, more[…]read more