vw-The senses – the INPUT

Senses bring you the experience – the feel for life. Senses take in information (we receive through our senses), senses connect us with our experience (we give through our senses) Senses: Receive – what do you notice? sight – what you see smell – what you smell taste – what you taste sound – what you[…]read more


In our lives we are often striving, trying and working hard to achieve goals in situations and relationships which may not feel right. We may feel lost, unhappy about some or all aspects of our lives and do not know why. We just work harder and harder at trying to fit in and make things[…]read more

vw-Red zone, green zone – the REFERENCE

  Red zone VS green zone conditioning vs heart how conditioning  happens – how the gap from heart grows (concentric circles – inner the heart, outer losing heart) rules beliefs patterns and habits amydala RATIO – 100:1 postive ratio recommendation 3:1 ACTIVITY identify red – false friends BRAINSTORM e.g. you hide your feelings well this is[…]read more

vw-The heart – mind body spirit CONNECTION

Heart is GREEN ZONE. It is kind, caring, loving.   What is our heart? OUR TRUTH What is our body? OUR VEHICLE to experience life through the senses, to keep us alive and able to physically engage. What is our mind? OUR STRATEGY to strategise, problem solve, create, plan and keep our purpose and plans alive.[…]read more

vw-The heart – the GUIDE

Heart math heart variations electric field SOE self Heart emotions The truth – love as a constant without conditions The heart has a voice, that has been silenced over time as we have grown to live life.