Lost – poetic expression

Some unique places the word took us. It was a great night learning more about how we see the world and the creative ways that is brought out.
The directions that were taken were so varied! So many ways to see, feel and describe things. A great word for bringing out the creativity, and expressing more about how we feel in life, and the differences within us all. A great way to see, beyond what we see.
Where does the word first take you? I wonder if it takes you to where some of us journeyed this week.
These weekly sessions provide the chance to express through writing, poems, or conversation. The word usually conjures so many powerful themes that we discuss throughout.
The word next week is ‘River’
Hope to see you there.


(listen to Peter’s poem here)

My hearts rhythm
Beats to its’ own score
Permitting my emotions
A smooth pathway
Along their journey
To my inner core
Where they can settle
Gently teaching
Touching soothing
Those discordant chords
In my songs of hope
That have become lost
Within the corridors of my thoughts
A chance to help and guide me
Where I can feel my feelings
Unfold into the warmth
That Awe, Appreciation
And Acceptance inspires
To rearrange the notes
Into a new melody
One that reflects
The true opus within me
My hearts rhythm
Beats to its’ own score
Now my songs of hope
Are enriched once more
And can be sung again
No longer lost, ignored 
Within the corridors of my thoughts                                   
PJR       18.09.2023

The Daydream

looking out
in a trance
watching the antics
ducks birds dogs
frolicking flying fossicking
do I dare
let go of the stare
that suspends my mind
leaving delusion behind
not today
I really want to stay
in this bubble
void of trouble
lost in a dimension
that brings no tension
joyfully suspended
not what I had intended
when I woke up this morning
and looked out
TLaB 18th September 23

Barbie Movie Review

Have you watched the recent hit movie ‘Barbie’?
I think it explored some common themes. One is self-discovery, many of us have been conditioned.
Some of you may live by the social rules,
because you don’t want to be seen as weirdos.
Or you think living by the set rules can make you feel more belonged and safer.
Some of you may live by your parents’ wishes,
because you think you should respect them, they are your creators.
And maybe you think they know better than you, so they can help you avoid making mistakes?
But have ever feel lost or unhappy by doing that?
In Barbie’s movie, don’t you think that world looks so boring and fake when everyone behaves the same?
So how can we break through? Self-discovery. And what have I explored so far? Well, let me share with you some of my hidden beliefs.
I used to think doing music is a waste of time, because it couldn’t give me money.
But I didn’t know doing the things that we like can make us shine.
Now I started to do paid performances, and learning new songs can always keep me going for hours and hours without feeling bored.
I used to be told that I couldn’t be a good host due to my shyness. But now I am hosting events locally and nationally.
I thought I couldn’t make a decision, but choosing to study music part-time made me feel I am on the right track and brought me a sense of transformation.
I thought I couldn’t sing English songs well because it is not my mother tongue, but now I am performing English songs with all other English speaking vocalists in my class.
Another big theme I think is related to our emotions.
Many of us may want things to be perfect and stay the same, so we wouldn’t feel messy, stressed or sad. But unfortunately, this wouldn’t happen in our real life, as change is permanent.
Unless we were toys like Barbies.
But don’t you think after having tears, the Barbie looks much more attractive?
Our laughs and cries are like sunny and rainy days,
they make our lives balanced and complete.
What did you reflect after watching the movie? 
XZQ 18th September 23

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