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How OK RU? Woodcroft Library

How often do we get the response, “I’m OK” while bypassing what is actually happening deep within some aspect of ourselves or our lives.
We recognise the pattern of ‘not going there’.
What we know however, is that these things don’t go away, even when we think we have buried them.
The session we brought to the Woodcroft Library and Community, was designed to safely path the way to open up, and discover some simple can-do alternative actions, that can make a real difference
We know there is no quick ‘fix’ to many things happening in our lives.
We know it is often not about finding a ‘fix’, however with guidance, practice and active participation, important benefits are within your reach, and can truly be felt and can make a difference with how you feel in life.
We know that giving yourself time to engage things you love and that matter to you, is a great start to feeling OK, and that could be seen from those who knit and contribute to the Community Knit a Care Square Project.
For caring facilitation of a path to this alternative way of life, connect with us, we’d love to hear from you.
Tricia and Nigel
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