Infectious – poetic expression

This week’s word was ‘infectious’. While this word is often related to viruses and the spread of disease, we found some other ways to bring infectious to our expressions; some of which felt uplifting. What is at the forefront for you, when you hear the word?
Hope you enjoy our expressions this week,
See you next week with the word ‘uncanny’.
Hope to see you there.


There are days when ideas come
Some days there are none
Sparks of creativity
Fall short of desirability
Then out of those cold embers
 Something surfaces unexpected
With this chosen word infectious
It’s making me a tad fractious
No fire of originality has arrived
No matter how hard I have tried
Sure I’ve been infected loads of times
With a Child’s crop of diseases
Measles mumps and chicken pox
Laughed sometimes with the crowd
Caught up in a joke that shocks
Marched with dissenters proud and loud
Still with this word infectious
I simply cannot find a connection
PJR    15.01.2024



His smile, infectious
Eyes glistening
Holding my gaze
Like a magnet drawing me in
Nothing else exists in that moment
A refrain from the turbulence
Love, the potion of life
TLaB 15th January 2024


Smile Awhile

Hand to mouth, do I grin or yawn
The man on the bus started it all
The lady opposite has that look
A dainty yawn has popped out
As she looks up from her book
Oh no, here I go again
I’ll try to keep my mouth closed
Here comes that grin to follow
Feeling so conspicuous
A challenge to cover the obvious
My long awaited stop has arrived
As I alight from the bus, smiling from within
Not a bad way to start the day
With an infectious grin

CCon 15th January 2024


You have the right shade of green entwined with yellow
my favourite two colours
no wonder I fell in love with you at first sight

Maybe you reminded me of the new leaves shinning in early spring
ah, those baby leaves
they look so soft
at first, I am so afraid that I am going to break them
but shortly, I realise I won‘t
because I can feel their vigorous and refreshing vibe
illuminating every inch of my eyes
then expanding to my heart

I see something
that is hope
the infectious hope
no matter how old I become
I want to retain you, always
please don’t go
just stay with me, softly
my heart has a special place, just for you
so you can remind me gently when I forget
darling, it‘s never too late to start
you can make everything happen if you truly want

XQZ 15th January 2024

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