Uncanny – poetic expression

This week’s word was ‘uncanny’. What a great way to express about phenomena that is difficult to explain. How would you express about this word? Are there things that you have experienced yourself?
We hope you enjoy our expressions. Sharing through poetry or prose can be a wonderful way to explore your relationship with the world around you.
If you feel this would be enjoyable and helpful for you, you are most welcome to join us.
See you next week with the word ‘spicy’.
Hope to see you there.

The Uncanny Question

Listen to Peter’s poem here

A hic-up in her response
Due to the uncanny question
That had broken her resolve
She tried to muster her emotions
Into a semblance of rational thoughts
An eerie cloud of doubt seeped
Deep into her now defenseless soul
Aching memories started to tumble and fall
Her screams Her pain Her shame dissolved
Slowly her answer bubbled to the surface
The ugly admission finally has found its voice
      “Yes Doctor HE has raped me before…”
PJR    22.01.2024


Inner Voice

Driving home from visiting a friend
about to park the car
the distant sound
of my inner voice
‘leave the car out the front’
not in its usual place
That doesn’t make sense!
There’s no reason to do anything different
from any other day
What is the reason for this sway?
My mind got involved…
It doesn’t like to be told
‘Don’t be silly it suggests
Put that feeling to rest
I have got this sorted
That other message is distorted!’
So… I followed what my mind did say
And it wasn’t until the next day
That I regretted not listening to the play
From my inner ray
For the power surge that night
From a storm bringing much fright
Meant my car was locked in tight!
Full of lament
No time could be spent
On ventures planned for the next day
I could only pray that a miracle would come my way
But to no avail
Like held up in jail
It was once again a fail
 Not listening to the notion
Of the uncanny potion
My intuition
TLaB 22nd January 2024


Unreal Reality

Waiting in a queue, at a glance
I see someone so familiar
The smile, the hat, a particular stance
Immediate thoughts of a loved one
It’s uncanny,
A mannerism or two
Can recall some forever memories
Of someone you once new

CCon 22nd January 2024

Do you have an Uncanny Ability?

I used to be self-abased when seeing some people have such uncanny abilities in life
What about me?
But your smile is lovely
your singing is beautiful
and you are very good at talking to anyone, always asking great questions
I got these from my family and friends
Yes, I am good, but not amazingly good, that easy to recognise
Luckily, these days, I started to change
to accept
accept the fact
accept what I have
maybe I am not one of those top 1% of people
But I have a variety of talents
that mix is unique
I may not be that skilflul, yet
but I can work on it
step by step, day by day, month by month
in 5 years, 10 years and 50 years’ time
I am sure I will become better
So, if I am not a hare
being a tortoise does not seem too bad either, hey?

XQZ 22nd January 2024

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