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Sleep, how is it for you?

Hi I’m Tricia,
From Real Time Heart-Based
Bringing this Health and Wellbeing series of vidcasts around
‘Uncovering the path to your wellbeing’

We know there is no one way, no ‘right’ way to bring about health and wellbeing, however we know that everything is linked. For example a small improvement in one area of your life, can have a ripple effect on others; for example improving your body sleep, can have a positive impact on your emotional and mental state, and your spirit and feeling for life.

So, where are you at with your sleep?

If you would like to improve your sleep patterns in some way, it might be helpful to explore the whole picture of what is happening for you, to better understand it.
Often we engage what may be helpful, then turn away before the core issues are fully explored.
The process of discovery can support where you give your time and practice. As you uncover ways to better notice small improvements, you can direct your energy towards what matters. .

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