Is it kindness or a conflict of Interest?- podcast

We often hear the term in relation to organisations who operate with a bias that is not disclosed, however leads to a personal gain or profit.
In this podcast we discuss how conflicts of interest are actually found in all areas of life. For example how often do we see that people make suggestions, push for an outcome, or coerce for reasons that bring personal gain?
It may not be financial, however there is a gain, perhaps in the form of want to win, prove a point, power over, gratification, manipulate in some way.
So how do you know you have a conflict of interest or there is one presenting?
We chat about what it may look like, and the importance of noticing when signs appear, so you can better own your choices.
What is your experience with conflict of interest? How does it feel? How well do you or others recognise the conflict of interest, or disclose when you / they have one?
We’d love to hear some of your views and share examples that are happening in your life.

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