Bingo And Bluey

Bingo – poetic expression

Bingo. A word we had fun with this week. A word that once again led us in different directions, that explored feelings, thoughts along the way.
Always fun to look at words through different lens, which is of course the very thing that happens when we hear a word. It triggers something different in each of us.
More the reason, to never assume that we each process in the same way. More the reason, to explore, listen to understand and learn more about each other.
What a way to open up and discover more than we expect. Because let’s face it, say the word ‘Bingo’ to a 4 year old, it won’t conjure the same picture as an older person, in a lifestyle village!
We hope you enjoy some of the poems from the session.
If you would like to explore you, and the world around you in this way, you are most welcome to join us.
See you next week with the word ‘fear’.
Hope to see you there.


night does
my bin go
out? Same night you
go to Bingo. Well that sorts that problem out.
PJR 01.04.2024


I want to break free!

One by one the numbers are called
The excitement that befalls
When there is a match
Adrenalin rising
Hope enticing
Could it be me?
6 out of 45 possibilities
Would mean I’m free!
‘To live my life the way I want,
To say and do whatever I please’
Where no one owns me…
Thank you Lesley Gore,
However is that really true?
Or will it be another lure
Where out of the blue
I’m in someone else’s playground
Being enticed in a different way
Hey Bingo!
Snap, realisation, aha
I’ve joined the dots in time!
And avoided the usual temptation
To buy another Ozlotto ticket

TLaB 1st April 2024


Bingo Lingo

a young lad given a gift one day
immediately such affection
nothing like a boy and his dog
they developed a loving connection
slept together, played together
followed each other around the farm
understood each other’s lingo
the lad decided to call him Bingo
over time they were inseparable
such good mates and always comfortable
with the natural bond they had
then one day Bingo was nowhere to be found
he had gone to his own resting ground
the lad, now a man, reminisces
the impact of memories sublime
wishing he and Bingo were given more time

1st April 2024

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