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Fire – poetic expression

Fire. A word that led us in many directions! Where would it take you? It’s an interesting concept exploring what stands out, and how we arrive at the direction we choose to express our words, feelings and thoughts.

Personally, it was our trip to Halls Gap, driving along the A8 and noticing the devastating impact of the recent fires. It gave me the chance to delve into myself and draw out more of what I was seeing, feeling and my responses to it.

It reinforced the value of giving time and energy to discovering and expressing; to hear it out loud, and look at it, as an observer. So helpful.

What an interesting night, with interesting topics and discussions arising from poems about pyromaniacs and more.
We hope you enjoy some of the poems from the session.
If you would like to explore you, and the world around you in this way, you are most welcome to join us.
See you next week with the word ‘bingo’.
Hope to see you there.


The firestorm feasted on the wind
Jumping from tree to tree
In its wake the rebuilding has begun
Lives lost, homes destroyed, in shock
Some stayed to protect their homes and stock
Others found shelter to stay alive
In its wake the rebuilding has begun
Life goes on, Communities bind together
Providing basic needs and comfort
The firestorm feasted on the wind
Tragic stories come to light
The force of natures’ awesome blight
In its wake the rebuilding has begun
Memories filled with fear, despair and longing
The worst is yet to come
The firestorm feasted on the wind
In its wake the rebuilding has begun
PJR   15.02.2020

Fire 3

New Life

From lush to harsh
The shifting tones
As we drove
Along the A8

Variations of greens
Of shapes and textures
Of sounds of spirit
Of energy and life

To browns and earth
Stems and twigs
Of space of barrenness
Of haunting winds
Of emptiness of fear

The realization of how near the fire came
To the beautiful Grampian Ranges
How in a moment, what we draw to, for warmth and light
Becomes that which we fight, to protect another’s plight

When out of control IT unleashes its darkness
Devouring all in its path
With an aftermath that shocks us

44 homes lost in nearby towns
Native flora and fauna burnt to the ground

We sense the terror of that night

And yet feel the hope
From the light glowing between the sparsity
That new life will arrive
In time…

TLaB 25th March 2024


Moments to Savour

Fishing, an inquisitive look around
A long planned break away from town
Nighttime falls, a quiet time is nigh
Stars so bright, the moon is full
Gazing into the cool crisp night

So relaxed as the campfire shines
Stoking the crackling embers
Mesmerised by the flickering flames
My mind unwinds from the hustle and bustle
As the fire slowly fades
Serenity at it’s finest

25th March 2024

Heart Fire

Real Fire

Follow your intuition
Ignite your wants
Reconnect your inner child
Enter start
You are now about to light up the real fire in you
I promise
This time, it will be enough to use for your lifetime

25th March 2024
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