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Prime – poetic expression

Prime. An interesting adjective, that took us in a variety of directions. Prime, of first importance, of the best possible quality, can be used to describe so many things in life; prime numbers, prime real estate, prime suspect, prime time of your life. What does it conjure for you?
Once again, it was a word that we could apply it to many things, to share our feelings, thoughts, and memories.
That is the power of words. And wonderful we get to play with them, and better understand how words resonate differently in us all.
While not all poems are displayed here, we hope you enjoy these expressions.
If you would like to explore you, and the world around you in this way, you are most welcome to join us.
See you next week with the word ‘expression’.
Hope to see you there.


I find it difficult to explain or
to judge when I hit my prime
I will try reflect and describe
The compilation of my moments
Where all my parts should have come together
In a coherent supposed pinnacle of me.
It could have been when I was sixteen
No; self-doubts were complicated and extreme
Around twenty three sounds good to me
No; had two careers that clashed and were dashed
Now at thirty two that looks pretty sound
No; spent too much time on my self-importance
Then came my late thirties when I settled down
No; I tried too hard to be this new version of me
Along came my forties this should be my peak
No; I still felt unable to meet the best in me
Along into my fifties I was consolidating myself
No; in the new millennium I crashed into oblivion
Into my sixties I thought surely this is my time
No; I was still deceiving myself deep down inside 

Now in my early seventies I have found my peace
I’m grateful for the time it has taken for me to arrive
Yes… it took me a while for my mind to reach its prime
PJR        11.03.2024


The Prime of Life

When I was five
Happy to be alive
Lots of squeals
Loved to feel
The sun’s rays
As I headed out to play
Hip, hip hooray!
In the prime of my life
When I was thirteen
There was a whole world to be seen
Running amok
Often star struck
Full of dreams
What does life mean?
Full of wonder…
In the prime of my life
When I was a young mum
Bringing much care
Despite sleepless nights
Giving a loving stare
To the beautiful formation
Of this amazing creation
My child…
In the prime of my life
Now I am a grandma
I am coming of age
No longer in a cage
Of following someone else’s rules
Now chasing my own jewels
Of things that matter
On my life platter
In the prime of my life

TLaB 10th March 2024 



Twenty, thirty, forty and fifty
A wonderful time in life
What about sixty, seventy and eighty
So much to always fill the days
Understand life, learn to let go
Anguish is better released
Create the space to shine
Feel the continuation of our prime

You should have started to learn piano when you were a kid
That’s the prime time.

11th March 2024

Forget About Prime

You should have started to learn piano when you were a kid
That’s the prime time.
How many of us have been limited by this conception?
Because of that, I thought of giving up.
Being a singer might be impossible for me
Since I’ve never learned to sing as a kid.
The same applies to piano.
Maybe the only way I should learn is to learn it with my future child?
By doing that, I wouldn’t waste my money.
However, later in life, a new idea knocked at my door.
It’s never too late to learn, ok?
I saw hope, lighting up my whole world.
What a breeze.
That’s right.
Forget about prime
Just do what my heart wants to climb
Because I want to live a life I won’t regret in my lifetime.

11th March 2024

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