Dragon – poetic expression

Dragon. A magical legendary creature that appears in the folklore of multiple cultures worldwide. Beliefs about dragons vary considerably. They are often depicted as winged, horned and capable of breathing fire.
So where does the word take you? As the word dragon, is used in many ways, so too did the nature of our expressions this week. For some it was about the game ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ and then there were the fantasy expressions.
Once again, exploring how we use words, piece words together, respond to words, has opened the way to learn more about ourselves, our way of life, and the world around us.
Hope you enjoy these expressions.
If you would like to explore you, and the world around you in this way, you are most welcome to join us.
See you next week with the word ‘prime’.
Hope to see you there.


My dragon has raised its fire
Spewing forth its breath of desire
I awake with a wet pillow under my head
No light filters through windows or doors
I’m alone with my dragon once again
Normal tricks and self-denials have failed
It’s roaming loose and seeking prey
Shallow thoughts are laughing at my betrayal
Ignoring the taunts of my memories past
I struggle to face my internal war
Where the frontline sways back and forth
One moment I’m the aggressor
Then next I retreat in defence
Knowing if it comes to hand to hand desire
My dragon will slay my puny resistance
Ignoring my pleas: “Please leave me in peace”
My dragon digs deep into my past experience
Saying “No” has been lost
In the maze of when I’ve said yes
My feeble knight in shining armour
Is again facing a provocative test
So many fights have been waged
Over so many conflicting nights
My dragon has fed so often on my desires
It’s no longer swayed to listen to my threats
I retreat to silence my dragons’ demands
With the promise tomorrow I’ll consent
For them to exist and enjoy their feast
As long as tonight they will let me sleep  
PJR    04.03.2024  



On the fifth day of the fifth month
Of the Chinese calendar
A celebration, a commemoration
For the great poet Qu Yuan
Is In place
The dragon boats race
Warriors embrace
Getting ready
Holding firm and steady
To honour the gods
And ancestors
Warding off the evil spirits
People gather in this way
Drinking realgar wine
Eating Zongzi
Praying for luck
On what the Chinese legend does commonly say
Is the unluckiest day

TLaB 4th March 2024


Clouds of the Mind

How engaging to be caught up
in clouds before my eyes
White, red , orange, pink
They just light up the sky
Oh look, I swear I see a dragon
Complete with flames I’m sure
Over there a rabbit,
Mmm, maybe not, a dog?
Oh no! I see a monster
With horns and ugly eyes
A grimace on his face,
Let’s move on- I see a swan
Now that is more my taste
How absorbing it is to be
in a fantasy of my own,
An hour has passed l can’t believe
how the time has flown
As I proceed with my day
Can’t help but feel,
What a lovey place it is to be
Having clouds for company

CCon 4th March 2024

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