Charity – poetic expression

This week’s word was ‘charity’. A word that brings up a lot of feelings, and perspectives around what it is, its intention, and it’s purpose.
Some see the act of charity as kind and helpful, some patronising and damaging. Such a personal thing, so important to remove the broad sweeping opinion, and discover what is helpful or not for others or ourselves.
Where does the word take you, and how do you feel about ‘charity’?
Once again, a word that had us explore and share our feelings and perspectives.
If you feel this would be enjoyable and helpful for you, you are most welcome to join us.
See you next week with the word ‘therefore’.
Hope to see you there.


Depending on your belief
Charity can cause you grief
You might feel patronised or inferior
That others appear to be more superior
Sadly when unexpected surprises arrive
And you lack the resources to survive
It may force you to contemplate your dependency
On the kindness of others to share their generosity
Then you can also have a clear-cut belief
You have no-where else to go for this relief
Thinking you have no-way of paying it back
Can have you reflecting on what you lack
So whichever state of mind you might take
Remember charity is a decision you make.
PJR    5/02/2024


Are you OK?

One by one
They all walked past him
Eyes ahead not wanting to engage or see the look of true despair
His ruffled hair,
Limbs distorted
Fear in disguise
A look of surrender
But this was not me that day
I leant over to say,
‘Hi are you OK?’
He answered my question
A quick ‘yes,’ with no suggestion
That he wanted anything from me
Though I could see there was some tension
After a bit more chatter
He disclosed the matter
That led him to sleep rough and most definitely with not enough
Food and warmth…
So the small offering of a blanket, water and snack
Not enough to get him on track
But to feel in that moment
That someone cares
So do you dare
break the disparity
With a little charity

TLaB 5th February 2024



My Turn

There must be someone out there
Who can show me some attention
I know I’m old and very bold
Will I ever get a mention?
‘Just what I’m looking for ‘she said
As I beam with attraction
No more disappointments for me
I have a newfound family
Sitting on that shelf
Rejected instead of respected
Will miss my mates at the charity shop
For now it’s my time to shine

CCon 5th February 2024

Tweeting Joyfully

Created a mission
Hydration needed daily
Attention and care also
Rich, I felt
In my own heart
Tweeting joyfully, enough
Yearning for the next one

XQZ 5th February 2024

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