Knit a Care Square – 2023

Another wonderful year bringing together people from near and far. The amazing contributions. So many squares! Even from WA, QLD, TAS and VIC and NSW.

Thank you to each and every one of you, what ever role you have played. So many individuals, groups and hubs! Too many to mention however it would be great if you let us all know who you are, by writing in the comments section. You can sign up to the free community membership here

Every blanket is photographed and displayed on our Facebook page, so we hope you are managing to see your squares.

If you are not on Facebook or you would like to hear about upcoming events, or other special things happening with KACS. feel free to sign up to our Newsletter.

  • 2023 we donated 747 (plus Knit for Charities completed 113 single bed blankets!)
  • 2022 we donated 715
  • 2021 we donated 541
  • 2020 we donated 475
  • 2019 we donated 332
  • 2018 we donated 43
  • 2017 we donated 17

Where the blankets went

The blankets went to range of organisations including; Treasure Boxes, Salvation Army, Foodbank, Terra Firma, Scotts Church, St Vincent De Paul, CHATS, SKODA, Food on the Table, Puddle Jumpers, Pathways, Mt Barker Memorial Hospital The Big Issue, RUFuS, Baptist Care, Marion Life, AKWAK, Wrap with Love, Piplajara, APY Lands, directly to rough sleepers around Adelaide.

How the blankets came together

There are many things that go into creating these unique, amazing and beautiful blankets, to reach those in need within the community.

There are people who sew in ends, make up the kits, join the squares, edge the blankets, donate wool, make the hearts, make the ties, drop off and pick up, look out for wool, teach others and create hubs and swipe their drakes community tag, raising funds for KACS!!! And some of you have passed on food fare to hand over to organisations as well!

And somehow it all flows together! You all make it happen…

Most people say the thing they love most about KACS is that there is no pressure. There are no deadlines. It is a feel good project for everyone; those who give and receive.

A community that brings love and care.

Memorable moments

Some memorable moments throughout the year included;

  • the introduction of the ties to roll and secure blankets
  • the continuation of the zoom online meet up (thanks Chris) that has ceased for now
  • the catch ups and events (thanks Food on the Table and Gail, and Angela at Woodcroft Library for RUOK day
  • the new organisations we added to the list of our regular locations (wrap with love, AKWAK, Palliative Care Mt Barker Memorial Hospital)
  • our trips to Alice Springs and Tasmania (with new drop off spots)
  • our Christmas blanket donations to Baptist Care for their Christmas Cave
  • the smile on the faces of a rough sleepers when they receive a blanket
  • Knit4Charities coming on board, knitting squares to pass on or make their own blankets,
  • community members just stepping up and making things happen (you know who you are!)

Special notes

The stories, notes and letters are special. It feels good to know what it means to those involved. Thank you to those who shared. Here a few.


We will be continuing to support all our local community organisations, as well as others as the need arises. Next year we are hoping to continue our support AWKAK providing them with more blankets for their next delivery to kids affected by war.

We look forward to continuing to create more beautiful blankets, and stay connected with you all.

All the best from Tricia, Kay, Gloria and all the KACS community

and from Real Time Heart-Based

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