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Our travels to Halls Gap and Kaniva

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We traveled to Halls Gap and loved exploring more of our beautiful planet!

On the way, along the A8 to reach Halls Gap, we realised the enormity of the devastation from the recent fires. While the fires did not reach the heart of the beautiful Grampians, it sadly left its mark in many surrounding towns.

During our time, we met lots of new people, some traveling to the area for well-being, fitness, nature, pleasure; enjoying all it has to offer.

We took our time to recharge, and away from the usual ‘noise’ of city life, we enjoyed what felt like magic, when ideas, clarity and creativity runs free.

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We climbed Boronia Peak, went for many walks, experienced the Venus Baths, Bullaces Glen, the Balconies, Mackenzie Falls. On most days we walked over 10 kms and witnessed views and locations that brought an amazing sense of peace, with silence, and the natural sounds of nature.

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There were also many people visiting the area, to attend the ‘Fibre Fest’ conference. We met Cathryn from @pushmybuttons.101 who shared more about the event, and about the weaving using spare yarn. For anyone interested, she mentioned @gypsyweavercathy to follow.

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Knit a Care Square

On our way back to Adelaide, we visited Kaniva. Many people in the Kaniva Community have been knitting squares for Knit a Care Square for many years.

Thanks to Sharon from the Links Neighbourhood House, for her role in ensuring the squares reach us in Adelaide, and setting up the session we ran.

How lovely it was to meet so many people who came to hear about the process of the squares becoming blankets, and the stories of where they are donated. 

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Actually the amount of talent and knowledge in the room was amazing! How important it is for people to acknowledge their skills and capabilities!

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We even had Lorraine, donate one of her prize winning blankets to KACS. Thanks to everyone at the session (Lorraine, Angela, Sue, Robyn, Lorraine, Joylene, Sharon, Margaret, Margaret, Joan) for sharing, and being part of the KACS community.

How wonderful that people continue to do what they love; knit and crochet, while those in need in the community receive the love and warmth they need during tough times.

And it was great to see young people in their community involved in a street clean up. They happily stopped for a photo, and it was wonderful seeing the fun they were having and the happiness they showed. The message on the hand painted pig, live, laugh, learn, seemed apt!

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While we were away we ran our usual Poetry Expression session on Monday evening. At the end of each session we select the next week’s word and ironically that word was ‘fire’. Given what we witnessed driving into Halls Gap, it was great to share our feelings on our Poetic Expression Blog page, titled ‘New Life’.

New Life

From lush to brash
The shifting tones
As we drove
Along the A8

From variations of greens
Of shapes and textures
Of sounds of spirit
Of energy and life

To browns and earth
Stems and twigs
Of space of barrenness
Of haunting winds
Of emptiness of fear

The realization of how near the fire came
To bringing devastation to the beautiful Grampians Ranges

How in a moment, what we draw to, for warmth and light
Becomes that which we fight,
to protect another’s plight

When out of control IT unleashes its darkness
Devouring all in its path
With an aftermath that shocks us

44 homes lost in nearby towns
Native flora and fauna burnt to the ground

We sense the terror of that night

And yet feel the hope
From the light glowing between the sparsity
That new life will arrive
In time…

Fire 3
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