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About you – Alayna de Graaf

We met Alayna when we visited an anti-poverty BBQ to pass on some of our Knit a Care Square blankets and ‘plarn’ mats for those people experiencing homelessness, or hardship.

We were inspired by her generous spirit and the energy she brought towards the poverty issue.

She is actively involved in the community and many groups, and in this short video, she shares a little about her journey into community work, and her passionate view about what she sees as important and what she advocates for.

Let’s hope that your efforts in creating events and advocating for services, are heard and acted upon in the near future, and you continue to bring your ideas and passion to the community.

Thank you Alayna

Here are some links that might be helpful: However these dates may change.
The Onkaparinga events calendar, mentioned in the video: click here


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