Paddock – poetic expression

‘Paddock’ – it was so wonderful to let this word take us to our memories, thoughts and expressions.

On the surface, you may feel you may know the direction this word would lead to, however it was once again incredible what it lead to.

How wonderful to have time each week, to gently arrive at something either pressing, that needs expressing, or memorable to revisit.

Where does the word ‘paddock’ take you?

Feel free to join in with this unique poetic expression approach we journey through each week. It’s more than the word, it’s where it leads us, it’s what arrives, it’s a gateway to what lies within, a time to share and feel free.

Feel free to pass this on, comment below, or join in each week.

The next word is ‘thunder’.

Hope to see you there.

Paddock of Calm

Still dark, dad starts up the truck
Our three dogs in the back
The shearer’s waiting, eager to start
Off he goes to the shed down the track

Returning home, it’s smoko time
Dad looks at me, “Want to come down?”
I run to him in an instant,
As we smile and head off

The shearer’s grin as I walk in
They seem pleased to see me
“What can I do dad?”
“Grab the broom and sweep that mess”
Away from harms way, off I go
Swelling with importance

As the sheep are done one by one
All snowy white and anxious
With darting eyes they are relieved
As the dogs guide them back to their paddock

All sweaty and spent
The shearer’s make their departure
A cool ale they will enjoy after
A time to rest for the morrow
As another searing heat will follow

Leaning on the gate, looking over the paddock
Dad dusts his hat – this is his calming place,
Then with a grin he looks down at me
“Come on kiddo, it’s time for tea.” CCon 14th August 23

I don’t want to stay in this paddock, sorry mum

Dear mum,
I know all you want to see is me live a healthy and happy life.

That’s why you think me staying in this safe and secure paddock would be great.

Because if I stayed in our hometown,
you can look after me, and even my future child?

Because if I could be a teacher, 
I would then always have a high-in-demand and not too-tiring job?

Because if I could practise tai chi and yoga postures,
my body would be so happy?

But do you think those are what I like?

Yes, they are so safe and secure,
but do you think they are too boring for me?
Without going out to see a bigger world, 
trying and exploring,
and making all sorts of mistakes,

how do I know myself better?
How do I see and feel this big world?
and how do I grow? 

I don’t want to live a static life,
otherwise, how can I tell you all sorts of interesting stories?
Remember, you always said you like my stories.

please set me free and support what I do.
I encourage you to do it too.
I know you always say there are so many family responsibilities,
you are stuck.
But you are not the only child in the family.
Can you just forget about them for a little while,
and get out of your comfy paddock?
Maybe the grass will taste much better outside.

XQZ 14th August 23


We share the paddock  

Voting ‘Yes’ has come around

Connection to land

        PJR             14.08.2023

Cows in the paddock?

Sunday afternoon
Bucket in hand
Small knife
Ready for our plight
Gathering as many as possible
That are in sight

Out of the city
To the country we head
Winding roads
Past tractors and sheds

Past open fields
Hoping for a yield
White spots the sign
So often we did not find

I’d call out ‘I’m sure this one’s a go’
Dad would park,
I’d run out of the car
And trudge up the hill 
Rather slow

So often it was a false alarm
Locked gates blocking the way
Cosy homesteads with much charm
Had something else to say 

I remember the time when it was a yes!
A patch I would find
Underneath a beautiful gum
So many mushrooms
Of different kinds

My spotting that day
I must confess
Was far beyond my expectation, no less
I felt so blessed
I could not rest

Til my bucket was full
With a scent so intense

To this day
I must say
It conjures up childhood memories galore
I’d really like to delve into  more

Like the time when the cows were in the paddock…

TLaB 14th August 23

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