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Feeling like you don’t fit in? Podcast

Tricia and Nigel share their views when you are feeling like you don’t fit in or feeling isolated or excluded from groups or situations.
They share how as humans it is natural that we want to feel connected with others and sometimes this may lead us to try hard to act or behave in ways that help us be accepted. We may even do things that don’t really align with and deep down it does not bring us happiness or belonging.
They say if you are recognising that you are not fitting in, it may be a first sign that you realise you see things differently.
And that is wonderful, because actually we are all unique and once we begin to discover who we are and what we are about, we can let go of trying to fit in and rather spend time bringing more of that person to light. This is when the ‘laws of attraction’ come into play, and a truer feeling of belonging may arrive.

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