Native – poetic expression

‘Native’ – the place or environment in which a person was born or a thing came into being. So what does that really conjure in the world we live in today.

What natives do you relate to? With so many things that have come to be, what is the native you see? Once again, interesting to see where the word has taken us.

We hope you enjoy the expressions from our evening. Feel free to join us, and grow your own expression using words that pop out to us at some time.

Feel free to share, comment below, or join in each week.

Next week’s word is ‘kingdom’.

Hope to see you there.

Word wars

I’m a native in my spaces
At home within myself
Flowing out on a smile
So many natural places
Entwined in my fibres
Unrestricted yet limited
In my native drive to
Excel belong and survive

A sometime visitor to my word wars
I pick at my scabs
Until they bleed once more
Weeping droplets of self-remorse
Feeding the infection
Of self-inflicted mutilation
Another scar to heal
Alongside remnants
Of other opened sores
The saviour of skin repair
To heal and grow over again
Time to seal and cover pores
Silencing the alphabet
Bubbling underneath
Depriving them the air to re-appear

And then I’m smiling
Another native feeling
That absorbs me within
Like the flowers
That surround me
With bright colours
That warms me within
A scent to my senses
As the sun shining gives life
To the petals of my heart
These are the words
That empower me
Making my life bright

It is in these moments
When swimming in
This ocean of chosen words
I remind myself the danger
What they can cause to other lives
My missiles of exploding words
Can harm and maim cause untold pain
Hiding and waiting to spring an ambush
To silence the kindness and love
In my native desire of being humane

I care when the wave of words
Land ashore on my brain
I can build a beachhead
That even when I’m at 
My most belligerent
I can find a way to understand
That my words; those alone and afraid
Can be tempered measured maintained
So that I can thrive and survive
As long as my native words when spoken
Lead me not into unacceptable situations

PJR    8/05/2023

Natives they are

They are natives 

Just as they are 

Natural inhabitants

From near and afar

found in scrubland 

plants they are

live away from cities 

people they are

spoken by tongues 

languages they are 

consumed in customs 

foods they are 

nestled in flora

birds they are 

roaming in the wilderness 

animals they are 

But are they natives?

No longer as they were

Cross bred and varied

Origins unsure 

Once a native
Now a stranger 
So much changed 
Now in danger 

TLaB 8th May 23

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