Relationships – Heart-Based Living – at City Library Adelaide

This session on Heart-Based Living with a focus on relationship, began with looking at the self- relationship.

We explored how we have arrived here today; with the accumulation of all our lived experiences, and no matter what that is, it is what can help us to understand ourselves better.

We explored the notion that we see things the way we feel, not as they fully are. It makes sense how things can change in moments.

We shared some alternative Heart Based Living approaches, which brought self-care to the forefront and a better understanding on how our beliefs and rules, have shaped our actions. By the end of the session, each attendee shared a learning which was different to the way they saw things from the time they arrived.

We know that seeing things differently can open up new directions and we know that one step can make a difference in the way we go about our interactions with others.

When a group of people come together in this way, unknowingly they bring so much to each other. Their questions, and expressing their own feelings and views, opens up the chat and discussion that unfolds. We look forward to bringing our next sessions, when we travel to Alice Springs.

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