Keeping plastic bags out of our waterways…

Keeping plastic bags out of our waterways

‘Darn with plarn’ (plastic yarn) is an important way to care for the environment.

Up until recently the focus has been on darning mats for people in need to sleep on, as they are durable, comfortable and washable.

Our expert Kathy Bryker, has done some research and identified other items that can be either plarned or knitted.

As you can see from the photo, there are cushions, mats, bowls and balls (which we tested) and bags etc. The bags shown were darned using plastic bags from purely Coles or Woolies to make a Coles or Woolies shoulder bag. Thanks to Kathy and other wonderful volunteers, there are a number of schools and the girl guides who are darning or knitting with plarn.

We now are looking to work with other organisations like councils, to begin darning and knitting plastic bags into more useful items.

Of course the ultimate goal is to eliminate plastic bags, however until then, this form of of repurposing can prove to be beneficial for others in our community and keep plastic bags out of our waste and waterways.

This is part of real-time heart-based community projects, growing human spirit by caring for self others and the environment.

There are many ways of getting involved: collecting, folding and cutting bags; tying and creating balls of plarn; and of course knitting and crocheting items.

Read more about ‘plarn’ here.

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