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Real Time Heart Based Community 2020

Overview 2020

In response to the changes that took place in the world, RTHB, like many organisations, adapted to keep our intention and vision for a heart-based world, alive.

Our projects continued; Knit a Care Square, Darn with Plarn, Walk and Talk, Share Care and Fare, Keep Moving Lifestyle

We responded to the voices of many people looking to help out and volunteer during the lock down period, and established what has now become part of the RTHB offerings; the Community Online Events Calendar.

We launched our ‘Find your Heart, Find your Way, Find your Self’ personal improvement program (which comes with 12 months coaching via zoom), that pulls together a lifetime of work and experience and hones in on the simple yet fundamentals to what really matters for purpose, happiness and fulfilment.

We launched the ‘Lead the Way’ leadership program, that brings the adaptive and caring approach that a heart-based world depends on.

We are continuing community connections, which lies at the core of RTHB.

Knit a Care Square:  This year we donated over 500 blankets (that over 20,000 squares) to many organisations supporting people in need. With each volunteer doing ‘just what they can, when they can’ a magical flow leads to squares being sew into blankets, and finding their way to people who love them. Every contribution, no matter how small, makes it happen… From the community to the community…

Darn with Plarn: Repurposing plastic bags has given us all something to do with our plastic bags. Plastic bag donations have been arriving at drop off spots for our knitted squares and we have more people creating the plastic yarn from the bags and more items being created; mats for homeless, outdoor pillows and more. The Pt Adelaide / Enfield Council and the Aldinga Library are looking to run some workshops next year, with one of our community members Kathy Bryker at the helm.

Walk and Talk:  As part of Keep Moving Lifestyle, we suggest taking the opportunity to move as much and as often as possible. No matter where you are or what you are doing, there are so many ways to keep your body, mind and spirit active. And walking together, talking along the way amongst beautiful environments satisfies the whole body, mind and spirit. We ask for a pantry item or 2 as a donation to the Care Box that is later shared with organisations who support people in need of a few extra pantry items to get through their week.

Share Care and Fare: Pantry items often go unused so rather than wasting them, we ask to donate the items instead; this can be a great win win… No waste, use the excess by sharing with people / organisations who would greatly appreciate having a little extra. Whether it is having a Share Box at the workplace, or donating care fare for services, for example our Walk and Talk, and many of our events. When having too much meets having too little – it’s a match.

Keep Moving Lifestyle:  Keep Moving Lifestyle is an online group, which anyone can join and be inspired by the small things that can be done at any time of the day in any situation. It’s about moving from a sedentary lifestyle and keeping active and vital and ready to move in life. During Covid, we had Kay (our key mover!) stream live to many audiences and you’ll see many of her sessions plus other snippets of activity shared.

Community Online Events: This year we launched the Community Online Events. It was firstly in response to COVID, however as we later came to see, it was a great platform for any person in the community who is isolated or unable to travel from their home. With so many wonderful volunteers, sharing their passion and experience, it is fast becoming a platform for other organisations (e.g. NDIS) and councils (e.g. Adelaide City Council) to share with their communities.

Find your Heart, Find your Way, Find your Self:  December 2020 this program was made available. It is an online program that you have life long access to (to receive  real time update and additions) with online coaching to support the journey. We intend to bring this program in 2021 to more people, sharing the path of the heart towards being your authentic self and moving towards greater fulfilment, happiness and purpose.

Lead the Way: This year we also launched the Leaders Program that supports the development of heart-based leadership and what that really means. It is now available to organisations that recognise the power of authentic, self aware individuals and the leadership that brings.

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