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Welcome to Real Time Heart-Based – Growing Caring Communities

Discover more about you, through connecting more with your heart and engaging in the programs, projects and events shown below:

Research supports the heart-based approach to happiness

– True positive emotions bring benefits to heart, mind, body and spirit

We bring; programs and personal guidance sessions to help you grow; community projects and events to help you connect

To discover and be all of who you truly are, in more of your moments, situations and life

Our Mission for All

Our mission is for you to find your heart, find your way, find your self and lead in your life; for your inner contentment and happiness;
in your relationships, at home, work, business and in whatever
you choose for your life.
One heart at a time, towards a more caring world…

We look forward to seeing you
Our warm regards
Tricia and Nigel,

Latest Posts

Trust – a heart-based living approach

Trust is a word often used, and we thought we’d have a conversation around how we see it in terms of a heart based living approach. 
As trust often revolves around what we believe, it becomes clear how we can gain or lose trust, as our many life experiences has us all with varied beliefs in a broad range of areas
So what is trust? Nigel and Tricia have a natural flowing conversation around the topic and it is interesting where it ends up

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Elite (poetic expression)

Interestingly, the power around the elite, has been leading discussions around the world in relation to the way of life and the sense of equity and how to bring to care for all humans on the planet. Is it time to look at the nature of the ‘elite’ and ensure no harm or damage ripples from ‘getting there’ or while there?

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Heart-based kindness versus niceness

In life, we are regularly caught up in systems that are meant to be helpful however often lack the flexibility and capability to accommodate unique and specific needs. 
Help is often provided with politeness, doing things with a smile, adhering to protocols however the systems themselves often lack a human approach. 
People are looking to be truly heard and understood,  as often life issues are more complex, not straight forward.

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Our Programs and Memberships

There are many ways of getting involved (only as much as you want). For example join our Community Membership for a login to begin, share and comment on blogs, posts and podcasts.Visit the shop here (only email and password required). Click on/tap any of the items shown below for more information.

Check out our calendar and come along to our zoom events

* There are no upcoming events at this time *

RTHB – Knit a Care Square

On Saturdays from 3:30pm-4:30pm ACST  (Australian Central Standard Time) - If you like to knit, crotchet or you'd like to learn or chat with others who can give some tips... in amongst some great chatter and sharing, drop in and say hi. Many of us just knit squares for blankets (Knit a Care Square), so beginner or advanced, there is something for you.

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Walk and Talk… upcoming event

Join us from 9am, on our fortnightly walks along the river near the zoo, in the beautiful city of Adelaide.
Each week we notice new plants, birds and other interesting sites along the way.
We meet at the roundabout on Frome Road, near the Adelaide Zoo entrance at 9am. 
Walk at whatever pace works for you. Bring a friend or enjoy the talk with others. 
Then if it is your thing, enjoy a coffee on the way back to where we started. 

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Poetic Expression, Tricia’s weekly session

We'd love you to join in with session, each Monday at 6pm ACST.. Do you have an appreciation for poetry or prose? Are you looking to delve a little more into this type of expression? You can either write your own, or search out the words of others. We come together around a theme, we discuss and chat about not only the poems, but the topics themselves. A great way to express and delve into what lies within...

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Expressions and feelings about life and world issues

Tuesdays 6pm - 6:30pm ACDST - If you are looking for ways to express and have conversations and hear other views on how to move through some of the personal challenges and world wide things going on around you at this time, join in this session. Take steps towards 'Finding your heart, Finding your Way, Finding your Self'. Just drop in. You can be a 'fly on the wall' where you are not seen or heard at first, until you feel you'd like to join in. See how you go...

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