About Real Time Heart-Based

Welcome to Real Time Heart-Based (RTHB), connecting and growing heart-based people, communities and organisations for more simplicity and ease, kindness and genuine caring for the self, others and the environment. While there is no hiding from the challenges we are all facing, there is time and opportunity to discover our hearts and prepare ourselves well, for what lies ahead.

RTHB community projects, programs, connections and events path the way to fulfilment, happiness, wellness and wellbeing for individuals and communities and, innovation, adaptability, sustainability and viability for organisations.

We’d love to see you comment and share in a safe (non commercial) environment, once you have a login for this free community membership. Visit the shop here (just email and password required).

Learning and Improvement Programs: We have programs for Individuals, Small Business Owners and Organisations (including Leaders and Employees) that leads to the authenticity, creativity and genuine caring that ripples and creates positive outcomes for all. These programs use a unique approach to awaken, discover, see and feel things differently, for deep, real change and improvement. More than ever, looking within ourselves, will be important in the future.
*We offer concessions based on what you can afford.

Community Projects: So often we want to help others, the community, the environment, and don’t know how to, in a way that fits in with our lifestyle. These projects are about the small things that we can all do, that can make a difference to others and the environment.

Community and Organisation Connections/Events: We have regular, no cost events on line through the zoom platform and in-person at various community centres available to all, building real connection and growing human spirit. Itemised events present in the calendar here and in posts.