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Welcome to Real Time Heart-Based
Growing Caring Communities

Discover all that you are, become more aware, feel present in your moments and live life joyfully.

Immerse your senses and connect more with your heart!
Come and share with us at the City Library (Adelaide) for two Heart-Based Living interactive sessions on Saturday 1/Oct/22 and 5/Nov/22 at 10:30am at no charge! (Click here for more)

Research supports our heart-based living approach to happiness…

– noticing, feeling and experiencing life fully from your heart as your true self

Explore our programs, projects, events and personal guidance sessions – discover this alternative path to happiness and wellbeing

Chien shares her experience of the program

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Our Mission:
One heart at a time, towards a more caring world…

With pathways to; find your self, find your way;
in your relationships, at home, work, business
and in whatever you choose for your life.

We look forward to seeing you
Our warm regards
Tricia and Nigel,

Our Programs and Membership

Some of our programs are listed below and you can also get involved by joining our free Community Membership which provides you with a login to share and comment on blogs, posts and podcasts.

(*Note you can offer what you can afford where “Name you Price” is displayed)

Programs and Services:

Check out our calendar and come along to our zoom events

RTHB – Singing for fun with Paul

Join Paul in enjoying/singing some of your favourite songs at 1:30pm every 1st, 3rd and when applicable, 5th Thursday of each month.
Paul brings a broad range of songs for us all to sing and in between we laugh, chat and enjoy.
Paul, puts the lyrics to each song up on the screen so that you can join in and sing your heart out!

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Tai chi with Mardiyah

Enjoy Tai Chi with Mardiyah each Thursday at 7:30pm (ACST)

This session with Mardiyah has you discovering how to move your body with attention to the energy (the chi). No matter if you have done Tai Chi or Chi Kung, she provides an easy to follow approach. She shares some wonderful imagery and explanations about the moves, and the history. Her warm and engaging approach will have you smiling. Join in if you'd like to discover more about this significant wellbeing exercise.

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RTHB Heartfulness and Wellbeing Free Sessions

The CoA has supported us to provide 2 free sessions in October and November at the city library in Adelaide. Please click  here to find out more and register.

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Walk and Talk… upcoming event

Join us from 9am, on our fortnightly walks along the river near the zoo, in the beautiful city of Adelaide.
Each week we notice new plants, birds and other interesting sites along the way.
We meet at the roundabout on Frome Road, near the Adelaide Zoo entrance at 9am. 
Walk at whatever pace works for you. Bring a friend or enjoy the talk with others. 
Then if it is your thing, enjoy a coffee on the way back to where we started. 

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