Travel – poetic expression

Travel. Where has travel taken you? What has it brought? This word brought the opportunity to notice what we discovered, learnt, realised, experienced, witnessed, in the various locations, circumstances we have found ourselves in, over the years.
Once again, a great word to assist in our life’s reflection, towards in many instances some personal realisations and healing. Given the nature of how life is lived today, we see the importance of taking time to come back to you, and the deeper sense of what you are about – what some would say as your authentic self – the self unaffected by the ‘noise of the times’.
We hope you enjoy some of the poems related to the word ‘travel’.
If you would like to explore you, and the world around you in this way, you are most welcome to join us.
See you next week with the word ‘lock’.
Hope to see you there.


My parents let me travel my way
To discover my own identity
They gave me the freedom
To grow or fail
As I experienced me
A privilege maybe
Many mistakes I did make
The worst where the heartaches
I caused by my
Self-centred heartless acts
Leaving five hearts behind
Moving from one to the next
Consumed by my next conquest
Relationships torn apart
With me not shedding a tear
I no longer travel
Along that promenade I called love
I now sit alone with me
Silently reminding learning
To love the person that I am
Still time has its limits
No time to rectify or
Ask for forgiveness
I can only forgive myself
And apologise to their spirits
I no longer want to be
A prisoner to my beliefs
I look to freeing my heart
And being absolved
By the music and lyrics of my truths
PJR    22.04.2024


My Life

As I look at the path I have traveled to here
Some things stand out and I become more clear
Was bitten by a dog, worried I’d done something wrong
Would bite my tongue, when I wanted to shout
Feeling like I just couldn’t get the words out
Followed the traditions and the way it was
Married young, just because…
I noticed something about me
That for many years I had a secret
That what was deep inside me
I didn’t show, because I knew how life was meant to go
Be good, do as you should
Quietly meander your way
Careful with what you say
Which I did,
Until the day I woke up
And realised that I only have one chance at life
And began to let some of the other parts of me out of the box
Finally able to say,
What I want and don’t want in my day
Navigating the terrain
Leaving behind the pain
Of living for others, not for me
And now, I am free to travel my road ahead
Able to bring more of me instead
And enjoying the steps I now tread

TLaB 22nd April 2024

The Quest

If only one knew where the winds blow
With no experience, how could one know
Guidance from a transparent mind
Decisions directing the path ahead
Discover the experience of moving forward
Whether it be happiness or dread
Is there a right way? How could one know?
To travel from one phase to another
Can certainly be like no other

22nd April 2024

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