Social Media in the headlines – podcast

Today we drew upon a news article brought to light by a NSW politician this week, calling out to the social media platforms in relation to misinformation and its impact. 

We felt it opened up issues that many people are beginning to see, as concerning. 

During this podcast, we chat about the changing nature of the social platforms, that began many years back, initially with the intention of sharing about lives, benefiting our friends and family, now as a platform with the power and influence in all aspects of life today. 

We recognise, more than ever it is the time to understand the nature of what is happening behind the scenes, to become more discerning with what you choose to engage. If you are looking to navigate your own life, with what matters and makes a difference to how you feel, there may be things in this episode, that open up your own insights and findings. 

Feel free to comment, and connect with us, as we share an alternatives approach to see, feel and do differently. 

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