Lock – poetic expression

Lock. What does the word conjure for you? Often used as a symbol or metaphor in life. Also in it’s practical sense, symbolic of what is needed to keep people out – to sustain what is within. Locking up, is a significant practice in our lives nowadays. What are your thoughts on this?
We hope you enjoy some of the poems related to the word ‘lock’.
If you would like to explore you, and the world around you in this way, you are most welcome to join us.
See you next week with the word ‘fluff’.
Hope to see you there.

Oh Dear!

As I search for the key, looking up I see
A gaping hole looking at me
The villains have been to my front door
I step inside where I find
Such violation in my home
Chaos swirls in my mind
I am unable to function
So much to contemplate, cannot think straight
The police arrive and what do I hear
Three break-ins on this block
You should have installed a better lock!

29th April 2024


Tucked Away

I locked the door
Built up walls around it
keeping what’s inside
Safe and secure
For no one to find
Not even myself

For many years
My connection to it
Had been lost
No longer a memory

Somehow I found the key
Very slowly I unlocked the door
Keeping my distance at first
Then with just a peek
A began to weep

With the genie out of the bottle
I went full throttle
To reacquaint

How could it be
For so long I couldn’t see
The simplicity
Of the way free
The key
Is just being me

TLaB 29th April 2024

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