Layers – Poetic Expression

‘Layers’ – they are so varied! So many ways to see, feel and describe things. A great word for bringing out the creativity, and expressing more about how life is viewed.
Where does the word first take you? I wonder if it takes you to where some of us journeyed this week.
These weekly sessions provide the chance to express through writing, poems, or conversation. The word usually conjures so many powerful themes that we discuss throughout.
The word next week is ‘Lost’
Hope to see you there.


We the ingredients
Stored on pantry shelves
Waiting in our containments
Until an outside influence
Enters and selects
Those of us that will combine
To join together and rise
To become something unique
And continue to rise
As a life-cycle cake
We are not concerned
With, what is our purpose?
As we lack the source or power
To question our awareness:
Of time and space
We have no senses to project
A representation of our existence
With no thought emotion or feeling
That create the layers
Of faults doubts mistakes
Or lost opportunities
As we have no needs or desires
To choose or decide
If we will live or die
After-all as a life-cycle cake
We will be consumed
To nourish and give joy
To those who in turn
Will eventually return
And be ingredients themselves
Stored on pantry shelves
This is our eternal loop
That are in the layers
Of our expanding universe
As we continue to be
Our life-cycle cake
PJR    11.09.2023

Look out, Look in

I look out…
Rock sediments
Coloured striations
Eons pass by
Lifetimes to discover why
So many species died
I look within…
Humanity oppresses
Imprints bestow
Labels grow
Lifetimes taken to peel away
What words did say
Layers so deep
Hearts weep
TLaB 11th September 23

Finding a sweet spot

I used to only listen to a song’s melody and lyrics.
But since I started to study music, I learned there are so many more I can appreciate in a song.
Rhythm, arrangement, instruments and harmony, for example. 
These complex layers make a song more interesting and colourful to listen to.
It’s like reading a good book,
every time we read,
we can always spot something new.
These underneath and intertwined layers make our reading journey more enjoyable.
What about human beings, are we the same too? 
I believe so.
After I grew up, I realised we can’t define someone as a 100% good or bad.
Because we can all have our dark moments.
Then what should we do if someone makes a mistake?
Leaving him straight away?
Well, it depends.
Does it reflect on some of his qualities?
Is this quality we value a lot?
Will this incident happen again?
If we don’t know, maybe we can give him another chance to observe first?
But the final decision should always be coming from us.
Because this is our life, and everyone’s judgment is different.
That means we need to know ourselves well enough to be able to decide.
That’s why we have heard of the importance of getting to know ourselves being repeated again and again,
from the past to the present,
from our ancestors to the friends around us now.  
I hope we can all figure out our own sweet spot when facing various layers in this big world. 
XZQ 11th September 23

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