Technology… Poetic expression 3.5.21


The topic technology lead to deep questioning and delving. The knowing that on the one hand it brings the good, and yet there seems to be an equal and opposite in the negative direction. So where to from here? Lots of themes emerged, great discussion and threads of interest… Hope you enjoy the poems and the prose from the discussion (in the middle).


Of all the existing ology’s

The most spoken of is technology.

The power that drives this medium

Is in the belief it relieves our tedium.

Automation at our fingertips

Communication with microchips.

Constant reminders of upgrades for updating,

Mindful of the passwords we need protecting.

The dangers that are lurking on the net

Sharing with strangers we’ve never met.

Social networks come and go

Downloading files bloody slow.

Hashtags, Twitter and Instagram

Whatever happened to the telegram?

APPS to make our lives so much richer

Our phones camera now take our pictures.

We can text a message in an instance

With smilies, emoji’s from a distance.

Shop online over the World Wide Web

While deleting messages spammers send.

We embrace the miracle of other ology’s

It does not seem though this technology.

PJR    3.05.2021


Thanks Kay. This was found on the internet…

My computer got a virus

I didn’t know it could

I gave it an orange juice

It just seemed like I should.

I put it in a chilly bath

The way my mother would

And now it won’t wake up at all

This isn’t looking good!

Application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes…

Is a magnifying glass technology? My kindle is technology. The miracles of technology

So many things created… And yet it comes with its flaws… 

All the ologies are part of technology…From cardiology… kinesiology… iridology…  

The great debate… Technology is great because… Technology is bad because… 

Nigels money is on Leslie for the debate, LOL.

We are now onto nanometers… That’s a millionth of a millimetre. So what does that mean? 

We’re printing silicon to that level… Wow!

Soon we wont’ see our phones… 

They may be planted on an inserted chip. Soon we’ll be communicating through our thoughts… 

Are humans ready to progress in this way? There are so many moral issues to work through before we go there. 

Things happening without our knowing. Is that moral…. it’s happening to us, not us choosing?

So much exploitation is possible… 

Without you knowing what is going on…  it hides behind the mask of ‘isn’t it great’

But what do we want for our quality of life? We want technology to benefit us – but is it?

There’s so much manipulated… and it’s affecting the lives of our young people…. 

It’s the ethics behind the companies with power… 

Filtered into the silent flow through technology / social media… 

Cyber bullying… another topic.

The stress, so is it helpful or not, is it real or not… it creates rage and yet nothing is real. 

What is real what is virtual? 

What you don’t know can seem like technology that is too challenging… 

But we have our own areas we relate to more easily…

Things take practice… and if we don’t practice some technology can seem so challenging

There is so much to learn now we just need an as needed approach… 

Learning how to work things out is good for you… 

You use your mind differently, and that is needed… especially when technology can take that away from you… 

I’m learning all the time and I want to learn, I don’t want to keep asking people for help… I like to be independent 

Earthquakes in NZ – the only way to know what was happening was through Facebook to communicate about

The way things are reported… we now doubt what is happening with social media… 

We need respectable sources of information… 

Where did you hear that.. you can find all the wrong or sponsored information you want… 

What is real?

Monet’s use of colour was extraordinary – started simple and now is expansive… 

Evolution is questioning the smaller of everything to understand more about us… 

They’re breaking it down smaller and smaller to discover more and more and utilise things more 

Block chain is technology that uses more energy… and is not saving the world! 

Agh technology… 

The cloud… it’s not actually a real cloud, it’s about storing data in hard drives somewhere else… over the planet which use a lot of energy… Agh again not good for the planet. 

Quality of life… follow your heart not the money and we may be saved… 

What is technology

Is it just new?

Can it be old

Any science will do

For some it is an iPhone

For others an iron

It may be what is known

Or not known

A computer is technology

So why not something living

They are both marvels of science

Both need power and talking to

It may be our level of understanding

Of what we need or use

But even though we drive cars

To use zoom we refuse

So in all this stays real

With how we learn and live

Just be open hearted

Be caring and give


The sound of the fan whirls,

kettle boiling, light blur

Alexa ‘play Cat Stevens’

Phone rings, earbuds in.

Let’s zoom instead,

Now time for emails,

Internet down!

Vacuum’s loud…

Time to leave- down the lift,

A tram to city, cranes shift

GPS for location,

Social media the ovation.

‘When will we fly again’

vaccines refrain

What’s the temperature today?

What does the BOM say?

Power on, drives life

It’s rife.

Friend or foe,

It’s hard to know

Expand, reduce us,

How does it show?

Help or hinder,

Do we grow?

Like flowers or towers,

Nature or techno?

So much of our day,

Relying on ‘it’

Time to now ask,

Can we ever quit?

To endure the seasons,

And need no reason

To walk and talk

Without a thought.

Where dark is dark,

and light is light,

I’m sure that will give us,

A terrible fright.

Alone with ourselves

Just the power within,

To feel, see and listen,

With a beautiful grin…


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