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Music… Poetic expression


Taking the time to ponder about music, brought a beautiful collection of expressions. And how nice to enjoy the night to the backdrop of some favourite songs. Music conjured up a lot around emotions, feelings, memories… and the realisation that the first music is from the heart beat of the mother during pregnancy. We thought we’d share the 4 poems written before the session.


The beginning of time,

Silent hum of the universe,

Unknown and unwittingly

filling holes & echoing beyond

the boundaries of the infinite.

Vibrations flowing in particles

Each unique to the article

Nestling into matter,

Creating sounds and chatter

From the whistle of the wind

Birds chirping as they sing

Friction creating diction

Drums and strings the conviction

Tones that waken

Deep emotion

Movement generates

Such commotion

Engine sounds

Music to my ears

Home safe now

No more fears

Sound of music

Father and son

Take it to the limits

We’ve only just begun

Take me home

Country road,

From sounds of silence

To the place where I… belong

Music, my symphony

such an array of sound…

Words, beats, rustles, whistles,

Swirling in and around…

The power of music,

Just ask anyone,

Brings laughter and tears

And so much fun…  TLab


Soothing souls,

Crying inside.

Lifting sprits,

Making smiles.

Recalling memories,

Sharing stories.

Bonding friends,

Times gone by.

Celebrating wins,

Sweeping emotions,

Sitting with nature,

Romantic events.

Feeling shivers,

Intimate moments.

Sadness and longing,

Loved ones departed.

Mournful anthems,

Foreign cultures.

Sense of belonging,

Lilting, thrilling and trilling.

Song, sang, sung, singing,

All music to my ears.

PJR    10.05.21


Oh! For beautiful music,

Calming – therapeutic – relaxation,

Lullabies for babies,

Waltzes, swings, classic to rap,

Orchestral is another.

Relaxation – tribal – melody and harmony,

All this is music to the ears.

Let’s see

French music -Irish – Jigs – Reels

Scottish bagpipes and more

Straus’s waltz’s is a favourite

Mother’s days – smoothies- relaxing with Andre Rue,

How about German – Oompa Oompa

From present day to years gone by,

the world would be a sad place without it…

LMol 09/05/21


Crochets and quavers,

Is what music favours,

In all its flavours

Is something to savour

We know that Kay keeps movin’ movin’ but where?

Moving on? Movin’ out?

Movin’ on up or…

Maybe just lips are movin’

Which could be singing?

In the rain?

And would be

Simply the best

Or you could jump (for my love)

Or for Jumpin’ Jack Flash.

By jumping’ jumpin’

Or to simply Jump the Van Halen way…

So will you step inside love

And be my world

I’m not sure how, but it will be

Alright Now

You see I’m only Human,

I only know Happy Talk

Someday I will fly away

And see the Wondering Star

However this is your/my Song

Que Sera Sera

I must climb every mountain

And make it about Honesty

I climbed on the Peace Train

And did the locomotion

I passed moon river on the way to the

Stairway to Heaven

So thank you for the Music

As I let the music speak

It is my secret love

and will always be my music


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