Survive – poetic expression

‘Survive’ – a great word that took us all in different directions within the poetry and the discussion; about life, the planet, inanimate objects, viruses, the spirit of humanity, impermanence. A great way to express something about how we see and experience the world.

So many stories of survival, all of which show the wonder and awe of our existence. What does it mean in the context of your life?

Once again, a topic that gave us all something to ponder and in many instances, come to realise about ourselves, what we like, don’t like, want or not want, what we can bring or can’t bring, our challenges.

We hope you enjoy these expressions. Where does this topic take you?

Feel free to comment or pass on for others to experience these short journeys.

The next week’s word is ‘joke’

Hope to see you there.


We attended the trial
And have read the file
Your behavior has left us no choice
A gag order that stops you to voice
Or be photographed in the press
While we undergo our due process
They will be paid a weekly amount
Ninety dollars into their savings account
Yes of course we will deduct our fees
Because the state laws so decrees
No we don’t have to declare to you
How we make deductions for what we do
That’s correct as a family member
You’ll be fined as an offender
If you choose to seek public attention
We’ll charge you with malicious intention
Let’s make this very clear
If the gag order disappears
We still have other powers to silence you and the victim
In our other guardianship and administration orders system
So if you want transparency and accountability
Don’t let the courts take away your responsibilities.

PJR    5.09.2022


Dropped just like that 
No regard 

Left to float around
Not noticed by anyone 

Can’t you see me?
Just because I’m roaming aimlessly
Please know I am here

And just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, 

I am trodden on, 
Pushed into the gutter 

Somehow blending into the background

Looked upon with disgust
Yet no contact made

What will it take? 
To be seen 
To show care

My coloured tears 
Flowing down the drain

Poisoning beyond
Toxicity shame

This is not a game 
Nor time to blame

Just make a choice and really strive 
To help the planet survive




I see the beautiful colours of me
As I hang here on this baron vine
The crisp brown leaves blown back to earth
Why am I the survivor?

We had such a special year
Bathed in the sun, danced in the breeze
Winter arrived at the park
Now I hang here alone in the dark

Then the rains came, the sun popped out
New leaves arrive so quickly
How splendid to be here
Sharing another exciting year

Here’s the lady with her little brown dog
Such devotion for each other
Bark and chat like no other
As they stroll along and sit awhile

Oh and here’s that man, same blue shirt
No patience at all from what I see
Poor dog can hardly take a pee
Amazing what you observe, just looking

The cyclists, locals and tourists
So much variety to pass the day 
Some look up and admire us so
Swelling with pride, our colours spectacular

How fortunate to be where we are
Don’t know why, is it by chance?
Tough at times, so perplexing
Remarkable to be a survivor

CCon 5/9/22

I am a survivor

Birth now that’s where we strive to survive.

Having cigarette smoke blown down my throat as I would not breathe.

But I survived.

A dust storm which was enormous was so thick couldn’t see two feet 
In front of your nose.


Holding a relative while we drove him to hospital as he lost his all his fingers
In a machine accident.

We both survived the 50 kilometre dash.

Floods from a river walked the road to watch the level see how fast it was flowing
Neighbours helpful with backhoe to block off the drive and save the house.

Travelling back and forth to Adelaide from the southeast so I could support John in hospital 
And keep an eye on the house only to find we had a mouse plague at one stage.
Mice had been through everything all cupboards even in my bed.
Spent two weeks home just washing and cleaning everything.

But I survived.

The next 21 years was caring and supporting John driving to appointments 
still going backwards and forwards to Adelaide.

The last 3 years of my life battled 7 operations having fits of depression.

But the survival rate in me is pretty strong.

Think I can say I’m a survivor

LMol 5/9/22

Is it enough to survive

We work to earn
We sign away 30 years
Just to pay a loan
As this is an ‘investment’ and…
‘rent money is dead money’
At least this keeps a ‘roof over our heads’…

Is it enough to just survive?

30 years, with low inflation
Means no or low disposable income
Studying for what is best for employment
Is it a passion or for enjoyment?
Does it matter?
At least it is a job that in time can pay ’it is the job that counts’

Is it enough to just survive?

Having a job
needing to climb the ladder
So that there can be a family
At least there will be the ability to live on one pay cheque

Is it enough to just survive?

Climbing the ladder
Means less time at home
More pressure
More travel
At least the reason for doing it is known…

Is it enough to just survive?

There is little time with the children,
When they get home from school
When they go to bed
In school holidays
They are growing up so quickly
At least there is time with them at brekkie…

Is it enough to just survive?

Success! now climbing the ladder
Earning more
school fees can be paid
And some time away together
However, getting more tired and troubled
At least money is not so tight…

Is it enough to just survive?

No more able to stand it
Feeling the fatigue and FOMO
What about doing something else?
family needs may no longer be affordable
At least health improvement may be possible

Is it enough to just survive?

Start own business
Things begin slowly
working long hours
And contracted to many others
At least there is more control of time, or is there?

Is it enough to just survive?

After a couple of reasonable years
There is no work in the pipeline
Things get critical
The house and continuing private school is at risk
We will be in debt even if we sell everything
At least there was 13 years of keeping it all going…

Is it enough to just survive?

Work comes in at the very last moment
There is the ability to ‘live to fight another day’
Is there a need to fight though?
At least there is enough work for a few more years
So, survival gets a tick…

Is it enough to just survive?

Begin studying
To find a new direction
finishing studies triggers ideas for a new vision
…once the debts are paid
At least there is hope for a different future … sometime…

Is it enough to just survive?

The children have left home
Have their own passions, jobs, futures
They make different choices
Enjoying the present

As they have realised…

Maybe it isn’t enough to just survive


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