Joke – poetic expression

‘Joke’ – a word used and expressed in many ways. A nice chance to express differently this week. From telling a joke, to what is considered a joke and the impact and what is hidden behind a joke.

A lot of thoughts and feelings around jokes, and from those who tell jokes. Does the lightness of its origins, truly reflect the message and what lies inside? What do jokes really bring? Is it something you’ve thought about? Have you been at the centre of a joke? How was that?

Once again, a topic that provides us all an opportunity to explore how we feel about things, and express our world.

We hope you enjoy these expressions. Where does this topic take you?

Feel free to comment or pass on for others to experience these short journeys.

The next week’s word is ‘window’

Hope to see you there.


It’s no Joke I’m tired

It’s no Joke I need my sleep

It’s no Joke my dreams persist

It’s no Joke the silence is deep

It’s no Joke I want some peace

The Joke is on me…

PJR    9.09.2022

It’s not funny

‘I’m as bald as a bowling ball’
Said the old bloke
Who speaks in riddles 
And just loves a joke 

Suffice to say 
Many people love the way
Of using wit to be clever 
To remember for ever

So revered so it is seems
It makes audiences gleam
Entertained by design 
Laughter sublime 

A construct as such
It often hurts so much
What lies inside
The joke does hide 

Til the label defines  ‘You’re so funny, what you do’
The desire grows stronger 
A job role through and through 

Til the switch can’t dim
Every moment seeking a win
The pressure too great
Needing to escape 

What was once funny
Now can be seen
As an ongoing path
To the deepest ravine

Often too deep 
With tears to weep 
Nowhere to go
Once you are on show… 

TLaB 12/9/22

Are you joking? ..–.. 

My children were young
So to keep them safe
Stair gates were mounted
In places of risk

So when going to work
I had to climb
Over the gates
And down the stairs

On such a day
I did the climbing
As part of my commute
To get the right timing

It was a largish hi-tech company
on that day i walked 
Around the 3 separate buildings and talked
with many of the 300 employees

I got back to my office early afternoon 
Nestled alongside the large production area
When one of the staff, poked his head around the door
He had a slight smirk to deliver his news without hysteria

‘Just thought you would like to know
You have a split in your trousers’
We noticed this early 
But thought to tell you later!’

‘Are you joking?’ I asked hopefully
‘No’, he said with glee

I thanked him for the information
Put my hand around the rear
I felt quite hot and my eyes went wide
When I found such a huge divide
The realisation arrived of all the places I had been
With this trouser rip wide open, showing all within

The production manager was in the office next door
I went in and told her of this discovered flaw
She looked and laughed so loud 
everyone heard and turned their heads to see what it was about
‘Just take them off and I will sew them up for  you’

‘Are you joking?’ I replied, ‘I will keep them on and stand
While you sew up the large gap ———- with your hand’

‘Are you joking?’ she said wondering how it could work
‘It would be much easier if you took them off and lurk’

‘Please carry on, I know there is risk’
Of needle-piercing, so go less brisk’ 
.. — ..

As she sat behind sewing up the gap
Many people walked by to view
With me stood and she sat
Staring into my rear, making them laugh too

Once she had completed her task
I thanked her and no longer felt a draft
I walked out of her office waving to all
The 100+ of them laughed, waved back, they’d had a ball!
.. — ..

It was good to bring so much cheer
To so many who saw and laughed, with a tear
They decided not to say, as it was the most fun this year
Many clearly got to know me more
So I learnt to climb stair gates more carefully than before

.. — ..(NRS)

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