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Oasis – poetic expression

Oasis, is the word this week. It took many of us to search out a little more about the nature of an oasis, and brought many insights and took us in different directions.

An absolute amazing phenomena, beautiful in its presence, in amongst the harshness of the environment around.

We hope this word, has lead you somewhere to explore and draw out your own insights and realisations.

Feel free to comment or pass on for others to experience these short journeys.

The next week’s word is ‘survive’.

Hope to see you there.


The fragrant scents visit me at night

The winds of memories flow inside

My dreams full of love and comfort

I see myself walking along a beach

Soft warm tropical sand tickles my feet

Somewhere off in the distance

The distinct sound of waves

Are breaking on a coral reef

My two little boys run ahead

Their little bodies brown and tan

Chasing seagulls at the water edge

The air full of raucous sounds

Further up the beach stands a man

A smile crosses his handsome frame

His sons race towards their dad

He lifts them both into a hug

They squirm and struggle heads back

Laughing and giggling to be released

 I’m in paradise: my oasis in the sun

This dream visits me more often now

Sixty years have passed since then

The boys have grown and moved on

My husband sits in a frame beside my bed.

PJR    22.08.2022

In the gap

It started with a simple read 
A special moment in time
An encounter with a brown bear
Just a delight, so glad it was shared

I scroll down a little more
Maybe another video
I can adore 

Nope I can’t see it yet 
However just like that 
I’m into a chat… 

The question gets me in 
It follows with a grin 
How do I really feel
About that something that is 
Really no big deal?

Then of course there’s the self-promotion
Causing so much commotion

Lots of likes 
And many spikes 
So much to say
Such an array 

Time to move 
Scrolling in the groove

An inspiration, words of wisdom
Foods to consume, from Marley Spoon
A property investor, free course available 
A plea to support, so many retorts
I scroll faster… 

The overseas news, what can we do?
An adventure, a one day offer 
A painting for sale, have a great day
New cafe opened, winning an award 
I scroll faster… 

Happy birthday mum, do you have grey hair?
Great photos to share, suicide beware
Influencer’s ride, shared with pride… 
Training available, don’t miss out
Her life’s story, everything’s a journey 
I scroll faster… 

Much time has gone by, 
Addiction sly,
My mind grabs me, 
‘Flick up now!
From the bottom,’
You’ve been downtrodden

Now take a breath
Settle the state
Take a break 
Find the peace
Silence please

Move away 
From the trap 
The noise 

Ah yes, 
I found the gap… 
My oasis

TLaB 22/6/22

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