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String – poetic expression

String. As an object, it has many uses. It also has many applications; a broad range of expressions, metaphors, and names given to other items; string of pearls (pearls and plants!)
Where does the word string take you? It may take you to a memory, a story, or a feeling. It has been a great word for sharing something about our lives, beliefs, perceptions of the world.
That is the power of a word; we have the opportunity to expand our expression, and share layers that exist within us.
We hope you enjoy these expressions.
If you would like to explore you, and the world around you in this way, you are most welcome to join us.
See you next week with the word ‘dragon’.
Hope to see you there.

Discordant Notes

The dawn has yet to break
I feel the temperature drop
Even the wind is quiet
Listening to the silence
The first note breaks out
A single magpie song is sung
Instantly a reply call
Soon others join in
Not to be outdone
Minor birds begin to sing
Though it doesn’t last long
It’s the height of summer
And my neighbouring gum tree
Is in bloom with nectar treats
Flocks of Lorikeets
Begin their mass arrival
The air is full of their cries
In two and three’s they dart about
A continuous chorus of chaos
Lacking rhythm or melody to soothe
Strings of discordant sounds
Screeching warnings of territory
Long into the morning they scream
Then a pause in the early afternoon
They fly off to their nesting roost
Only to flock back at dusk
To feed and socialise once more
If only they could replicate
The beauty of a melodious string quartet
I could spend my days a little more content
PJR 26.02.2024



It took just 4 words
On this one particular day
To land me on the precipice
About to unravel
Like a ball of string

Those 4 words
How are you…really?
Well, no I’m not OK
Does that answer it?

Yet I don’t succumb
To that feeling of dread
I stay numb

And it stays that way
Until the day
I slip too far and
The unraveling begins
Landing me in a mess
In despair
So much to repair

Do I dare
Take the care
That I need to become whole again?

Life today
It’s such a shame
There are so many games
That we play
Facade, grit, fake it, hide, pride…
That are not fun
Just keep us on the run
From ourselves

TLaB 26th February 2024 


Rolling Along

Such heavy rain will it ever stop
Not for a minute, and I am caught up in it
Reluctant to rush, don’t want to slip
Just missed the bus, try not to stress
Feel so alone, I am in such a mess
Wound up like a ball of string
As I stand to my feet
The string falls to the street
A deep breathe as I sit on the bus
My shoulders sink low
As my thoughts turn around
At last I connect with solid ground
Nothing has changed with the pelting rain
Alight, cross the road
Unravelled, I’m home

CCon 26th February 2024
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