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Sneeze – poetic expression

A sneeze. Just one or many. Can feel relieving or annoying. The sensation can build from a tickle, or just arrive often without warning. A natural bodily function that we have all experienced. So where does the word take you?
Do you have a story or experience to tell? Where does that lead you? I remember a time when someone at a party, began sneezing and couldn’t stop! It was a bit like the hiccups, that needed a shock, to rock the pattern.
No matter the word, when we pause and explore, there is so much more, that we can learn about life, ourselves, the world around us.
Hope you enjoy these expressions.
If you would like to explore you, and the world around you in this way, you are most welcome to join us.
See you next week with the word ‘string’.
Hope to see you there.

Never sneeze at that

Have you like me met someone unique?
Someone you thought everyone should meet.
A special person arrives along your lifespan
They respect you for you: like no-one else can
They’re someone you’d never sneeze at
They have touched your inner heart
Keep them close: keep in contact
Listen feel see their acceptance
In there can lie so much affection
They’re someone you’d never sneeze at
You allow all your emotions to surface
Without any fear they’re out to hurt us
Hold them close: embrace the difference
Settle into the space and live the experience
They’re someone you’d never sneeze at
For if you ever refuse or sneeze at this intimate rapport
There will be fewer moments of joy, for you to explore
PJR 19.02.2024


It’s nothing to sneeze at

Walking into the oncologist’s office
The time had arrived
To make my choice
To have a voice
With my next steps

After weighing up the pros and cons
Was it a yes or no to chemo
My mind led me into disarray
As I sat and waited that day

Til finally I chose to go with my gut
That thankfully led me out of my rut
Of confusion
And distorted illusion

No chemo for me

A choice that set me free
to explore what I previously
did scorn
It was like being reborn

Yet others
Did not agree
And the tears they cried
I cannot lie
Hurt me…

So what I now know

Personal decisions in life
That cause us strife
With contradictions rife

Are not to be sneezed at…

TLaB 19th Feb 2024


Can’t underestimate a sneeze
Achoo! Achoo! what can one do
Use your elbow, don’t spread the disease
Place your finger under your nose
Hold your breath, that might work
Will it ever end to combat these germs
I think not, it’s the way of the world
Variant of this, variant of that
A sneeze is not to be sneezed at

CCon 19th Feb 2024

When Mum Visits

Oh no, I tried to cover my mouth.
Too late.
“Put your socks on, and don’t get cold.”
Here came my mum’s voice.
She has always been like that.
So attentive to everything that I am doing.
“Mum, I am attending a friend’s birthday party tonight.”
“Remember to come home by 10, because you really need to sleep early. You didn’t sleep well last night.”
“Don’t wash your hair during your period. It’s not good for your body.”
“No, I can’t stand.”
These conflicts happened so often.
You have so many healthy rules.
But I need to live my own life.
No matter how many times I told you,
“I have been living on my own for so long, so please just focus on yourself, ok? Leave me alone.”
Yet, it didn’t help.
People told me, “From the moment you have a child, you will never ever stop worrying about them.”
Maybe I should accept this rather than hoping for change.
It’s not permanent.
So enjoy the moment and find good things we are sharing together.

XQZ 19th Feb 2024

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