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Socks (poetic expression)

Every thing and everyone has a story and when time is taken to extract the story, it can offer something entertaining and valuable for the self and others. This topic on ‘socks’ drew out stories, feelings, metaphors and situations, all that took us somewhere. It was an entertaining night, a mood light, feeling ‘just right’.

Funnily enough, we could all relate to some similar things about ‘socks’, one of which was the mystery of the missing sock. How do you explain this phenomena?
Hope you enjoy these expressions, and that they bring up something valuable for you.

Daily selection

In my wardrobe I have a drawer
I visit it daily, a simple chore

Herein lies a decision to make
Which colour, size, will I take?

To make it clear these are not my jocks
I’m talking about my choice of socks

Thin, thick, long and short
Some are gifts, most I’ve bought.

Wool, cotton and synthetics
Casual, formal and athletics.

They come in pairs, rolled into a ball
Then there’s that pesky oddball,

That for some reason has no match
A mystery, maybe it’s just been snatched.

I have my favourites, my long-time friends.
I wear them often, despite fashion trends.

I’m partial to wearing my happy socks
These mismatching colours causing shocks.

I loathe it when a hole appears
I’ve had them for many years.

Now I have to take some action
Sewing them up gives me satisfaction

Granted it is a short term solution
I suppose it’s all part of a socks revolution.

Eventually, sadly, they will be discarded
And a new pair will replace the departed

I’ll add them to my sock collection
Where they will become part of my daily selection.

PJR    10.01.2022


Socks in a box
Socks in a bag
Socks in the wind
Socks as a flag

Lots of socks
Make up flocks
On washing lines
And airports many times

Socks of many colours
Make rainbow feet
And can move fast
As a moving fleet

What do we notice
Is it the feet or the socks
What feet?
I know where my eye locks

What would we do without them?
Bare feet would never do
When we need to put on
that running shoe

Pairing socks
Came long before bluetooth
And finding the lost one
Required the skills of a sleuth

Thank you socks
For all you do
For me I know
The pain without you

NRS 10th Jan 2022


Not again!
Two odd socks
Don’t like to waste
Mmm- An idea

Painting faces on the bottom
Slipping socks on hands
Oh, I do think this will work
Creativity is the key

Made a box with a stage
Just like Punch and Judy
We have to put our best foot forward
Who said that we were odd

Little ones sitting down
What is happening now
Hope we’re not embarrassing
…. we will see

Drifting into a beautiful moment
The fantasy began
Children smile, eyes widen
Imagination all around

Story told, excitement held
So thrilled to be centre stage
Swelling with importance
We take a bow

Two odd socks told the story
No purpose for us they said
So we take another bow
And leave you with a wink

CCon 10th Jan 2022

Unwanted hero

I’m all wrapped up
Under the Christmas tree
I love the look of gratitude as I’m uncovered
It’s nice to feel loved

And straight on I go..
Wow, that’s a surprise

And then, being chosen first from the drawer each time …
At first…
Until one day, I realised
Things had changed

It had been so long since being touched and loved
I felt so alone…
No longer preferred,
No longer experiencing that warmth and security

What is it, why am I no longer loved?

I can remember stories about how it used to be, many years ago…
You would be loved and nurtured for years.
It didn’t matter if you were a little worn or a little tattered…

Somehow care and time was taken for a little repair
To still be useful, have purpose,
To be part of it all again…

But alas those days are gone…

So quickly we are now moved on…
And as I faced my short life nestled among others in the same situation,
I pondered what is next…

I feared the worst
But to my surprise, after a rough ride,
I found my way to another warm greeting…

I found my way to another who loves me
I am now part of their every day,
Come rain or shine,
I’m kept close

I know I’m loved
I feel the gratitude
I am so happy that I bring some love once again…

TLaB 10th Jan 2022

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