Heart (poetic expression)

After chatting about the challenges faced by many who present differently to others in the world, we explored the notion of what it takes to bring more kindness in these instances.
‘Heart’ was a word that arrived, and of course it is one we feel very passionate about. Once again, so many angles to take with the notion of ‘heart’ and so many wonderful expressions, metaphors and messages associated with it.
The expression of the string quartet chamber music, brought in the sense of sound around the heart, a wonderful way to relate.
The wonderful thing about poetic expression is the personal journey it takes each person on, and the realisations and comfort that is found in delving deep within, and the joy that comes from that.
And of course the exploration of different poetic styles expands the way in which we reach out and share our worlds with each other.


When a certain word
strikes a specific chord
my mind flounders in a whirlpool
of thoughts emotions feelings.
I have trouble with not reacting.
Again and again I fall into a habit
spinning a web of protection.
Determined to win an inner battle
by pushing away all those feelings
I feel will crush my inner walls.
The fear of giving in,
succumbing to its demands
will bring about the hurt once more

Deep, deep, deep down,
hope is waiting patiently.
To soothe the pain with its gentle salve,
to repair what is not resolved.
This the breath of self-belief.
The wish of peace to heal
all the fears I’ll no longer fear.
I’ll loosen the grip of restraint,
release the tourniquet of doubt.
So the enriched flow of life
can now course throughout my body
and allow the noxious nauseating toxins
to be recycled restored and cleansed.
No longer having the need to defend
my entitlement, expectations and enjoyment.
Having faith in my own confidence
to let go and allow the bruises
the space to fade, to fade away.

A fresh bright glowing lightness,
growing with this new found inner strength.
No longer the prisoner of being heartless,
I’ve escaped into the power of heartfullness.

PJR    3/01/2022


Heart is physical
Heart is physiological
Heart is emotional
Heart is sentience
Heart is love
Heart is truth
Heart is kind
Heart is magical
Heart is universal

It is core to our existence

To spark
To beat
To breathe
To feel
To be

It slows when tired
Speeds up when stimulated
It can get hyper-ventilated
It can reach others with waves radiated
It is tireless

Although involuntary
We live because of it
However temporary
It is more than physical

When leading together with our spirit
We can feel, choose and express
We can inspire and be of benefit

If we:

Care for and nurture it – do we know how?
Listen to and follow it – are our senses on and in tow?
Lead from it – so our mind is working on the meaningful things
…like the love and caring that only the heart brings

We can be unconditional in our daily life
Caring for the self, others and our world
With the inner contentment of really knowing
It comes from a heart truly flowing



Sitting here looking up
Family at the table
They can boast, smell that roast
Have a heart, is there some for me

Father too busy eating
Mother quietly looks around
Observing, enjoying the moment
Have a heart is there some for me

Had a big walk today
Drank lots of water
Smells of cooking on the table
Have a heart is there some for me

Little Susie, eyes dart around
Then looking down
Is that some lamb being passed to me?
Quietly I join with the family

Father talks to me a lot
Mother gives me cuddles
Susie always plays with me
So much heart in MY family


The mystery of the soul…

Heart beat activated
Life has begun
The heart
Guiding the way

The history of 2 synthesized into one.

First the blood and veins, organs,
limbs and all the parts to the whole

Pumping pumping
Ba boom, ba boom .. .. .. ..

Natural intelligence unfolding
Ba boom .. ..

Universal consciousness
Deepening into each beat

Eager for the opportunity
For a human experience (once more)
It’s a race

To love freely
To appreciate wholly
One by one
Divine and sublime
9 months of time

Crash landing…

Emergency C section

Living reality
thick sludge
Blocking the flow
Energy low

Messages skewed
Fear defaults

A long way from home
Moments disappearing

Losing grasp of reality
Damn duality

Can the two become one?
heart, flow, truth

Heart matters, Why?
Heart matters, drowning

Expectation, rules
Beliefs, toxic words as weapons,
shame, pain, game

Is the day soon?
When we begin to say
“I’ve found the way”

I hope so
Ba boom ..  ..
Before the final beat
Ba boom ..

TLaB 3/1/22

1 thought on “Heart (poetic expression)”

  1. Tricia La Bella

    Thank you Chrissy for the lovely heart poem. It warmed my heart and brought back beautiful memories of my 2 beautiful companions who are no longer with me. XX

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