Profound (poetic expression)

Profound (poetic expression)

What a beautiful word to simmer on throughout the week! Such a deep and bold word with a lot of weight, so just how did that weight unfold?
It seems this extended time in COVID territory, has people looking for the profound, in the face of it all.
There seems to be many ‘profound’ quotes being shared in various ways… SO, are they having a profound effect on you or the reverse?
Do they actually activate our own unique sense of profound or do they create a following?
We discussed the use of metaphors to share a message profound.
These were some of the trails of thought that emerged.
Many icons around the city of Adelaide were visited. Lots of profound messages came from that! How do you feel about them?
It looks like someone did something to the eyes on the statue of our profound surveyor general Colonel Light, who designed Adelaide.
Well spotted… And good to know it has now been fixed.
Hope you enjoy this array of expression…


Original thought – it arrives around 4am
a space within – appears from no where

Universal truth – the backdrop that speaks
How does it begin… trust in above

Starts with a breath – something settles
Baby so pure – no other agenda

Undisturbed – free and innocent
From the mind’s lure – when does it go wrong?

A romp in nature – a bath of healing
Senses rife – when present and aware

A message threaded through – wheat husks pealing
Mystical wind of life – can you hear the whispers?

Open to receive – together as one
Space to take it in – unblock the channel

To feel, express – freedom to be
With love akin – shining from inside

Profound simplicity – no tech needed
Flickering light – fluid evolution

On a journey – willing to move
An incredible plight – defy the system

A moment of wonder – awe is visible
Thud of thunder – penetrating the layers

Dynamic light show – energising space
An ethereal glow – dimensions of grace

Profound intensity –  steps with density
Deep within we know – innate intelligence

Just go with the flow… organic matter
And see where you go… defy the latter

Yours to feel…
Not words to steal…

For why use,
what’s not your own,
Delude or infuse
Dark or home grown


Who would’ve thought?

Who would’ve thought?
Listening to a podcast
I had come to a decision fast
I didn’t understand this new concept
I was finding it too hard to accept.

It went against the beliefs I’ve always held
About how I process the outside world
Then as the words began to build the notion
A flicker of doubt was set in motion.

Questions began to surface on this new idea
For If this is true it would be a magic panacea,
to how I could apply new pathways
Onto how I perceive my brainwaves.

Through the prism of my deductions
The theory began its seduction
My excitement built bit by bit
As the full picture took a grip.

A clearer way was developing
To a brand new way of thinking
Sitting back and reviewing that auspicious moment
I experienced a profound wave of contentment.

A calmness soothed my previous beliefs
So that they could be safely, softly, released.

PJR    17.01.2022


The profound is all around
We only need look on social media
To see people writing sayings
To get all those likes, they need ya!

Is that profound though?
There is some doubt
It feels more shallow
an originality drought

Back to the real life
Where profound moments occur
Like the birth of my son and daughter
That really made my heart stir

In 1969 ‘That’s one small step for man
One giant leap for mankind’ was profound for me
I was a child and felt deeply
That it would lead to space travel and to be free

Profound events, moments and sayings
Are so for me, when emotions are felt
When memories are stored
And when I am moved to feel more, even inspired

What makes them profound
Is the depth it reaches in me


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