Reflection – poetic expression

Reflection. We were taken into many directions with this word. So many ways to apply it. Upon reflection, it was a word that drew us in, to parts of ourselves.
It is the power of this type of expression. To help us see, what we may not otherwise see. And what a wonderful way to open up to new insights, helpful for self healing!
We hope you enjoy some of the poems from the sessions
If you would like to explore you, and the world around you in this way, you are most welcome to join us.
See you next week with the word ‘travel’.
Hope to see you there.
Dancing Tree

The trees that are dancing on the breeze

I am this man
Who has grown
Into who I am
Through time I’ve lived
I’m deeply defined
By all my reflections
That have combined into
What I and others perceive
As who I appear to be
Songs and words
Have been written about me
Poets Lovers have described
How I involved them in my world
Saved in my intimate memories
Alongside my highlights and life’s strife’s
I’m no longer driven
To be someone else’s given
My reflections have their uses
As long as I’m not abusive
I’ve often tried to decide
If I’m an anywhere person
Or a somewhere person
Then I remember
I’m allowed to be like
The trees that are dancing on the breeze
PJR    15.04.2024

Mirror On The Wall

Mirror on the Wall

I saw my reflection
Joy and gratitude

I saw my reflection
Anxiety and solitude

I saw my reflection
My future my hope

I saw my reflection
Unable to cope

I saw my reflection
Strain and stress

I saw my reflection
Hair in a mess

I saw my reflection
My age my years

I saw my reflection
My deep dark fears

I saw my reflection
The love in my heart

I saw my reflection
My authentic part

The mirror on the wall
Sees it all

TLaB 15th April 2024


Congratulations Mum

Dear mum, 
You not only survived, but thrived in Australia for the past 7 months.
I am so proud of you. 
Being your first time in a foreign country with little English, I thought you should be okay. 
But your adaptability exceeded my expectations.  
For the first time, your priority became you. 
Not just me and my grandmas, as ladies do in your generation in China. Your world was filled with reading, gardening, practicing Tai chi (even performing in community events, schools and aged care facilities), and learning Chinese medicine and massage. 
You went to the garden a few times a day, because vegetables became your babies. I can’t imagine how much you would miss them after returning to China. 
Oh, you enjoyed my gym too. 
In your last group class, you even cried, showing how much you enjoyed the experience. 
Even though you couldn’t understand much English, you observed and followed along with all the yoga, pilates, and body balance classes. 
No wonder people all noticed your rosy cheeks and fit body. 
Also, you loved all the nature here. 
I can’t forget your shining eyes as soon as you noticed piles of seaweed resting in Yorke Peninsula. 
Of course, all the friendly people are part of your fond memories too. 
Strangers saying hi to you when we took a walk, and my friends opening their charming houses to welcome you.
Thanks for reminding me again.
There’s something more important than languages. 
Without them, you can still go far if you are curious to learn and have a heart to engage. 

15th April 2024

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