Therefore – poetic expression

When we hear the word, it may provide us with a clue about our own reasoning or conclusions we have made, or those of others. What a great way to tune in to what you may not necessarily normally see, or notice is happening.
Where does the word take you? Has a ‘therefore’ helped you discover something about yourself or others?
Once again, a word that had us explore and share our feelings and perspectives.
If you feel this would be enjoyable and helpful for you, you are most welcome to join us.
See you next week with the word ‘sneeze’.
Hope to see you there.

Resulting conclusions

The prime minister broke his promise on tax therefore…
Prices gouging by supermarkets is rife therefore…
King of England has cancer therefore…
Israel continues to eliminate its foes therefore…
Pensioners are seen to be a burden on society therefore…
Some men deny their violent behaviour to others therefore…
     We all live with the complex human condition
With the resulting deciding judging excusing labelling
Of the experiences we have perceiving our unique individuality
Therefore… we might be a little more cautious to use it so casually
       PJR          12.02.2024


Is that really true?

When my passion goes
My mind and body slows
Things just don’t flow
I know
It’s time to let go

TLaB 12th Feb 2023



Is Freedom Near?

He was elsewhere at the time
So did not commit the crime
That my learned friend attempted to prove
Under oath we have a witness
That he was at the corporate dinner
He certainly is no murderous sinner
Examine the facts put before you
Your honour, members of the jury I implore you
to observe the dispositions heard under oath
Therefore, in conclusion
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury
Take the timing into account
It is of the utmost importance
Be sure, beyond any doubt
As you retire to consider your verdict

CCon 12th Feb 2024

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