Shadow (poetic expression)

What an interesting topic, ‘shadows’. It’s literal meaning can be explained in science terms: Shadows are formed when an opaque object or material is placed in the path of rays of light. The opaque material does not let the light pass through it. The light rays that go past the edges of the material make an outline for the shadow.

Then there is the way in which the term shadow has been applied. As a metaphor it is used in different ways to depict the colourless nature of something, or a lesser than whole e.g. story, self, truth. It can powerfully depict and emphasise messages, which can be seen throughout some of the prose and poems shared.

We explored different themes that were conjured up with the use of the word ‘shadow’. What does ‘shadow’ conjure up for you? It provides a good opportunity to journey somewhere within yourself where you would not otherwise visit. We don’t often know the reason for themes arriving, however they do, so often good to explore.

Hope you enjoy the expressions this week and please feel free to leave any comments or expressions of your own.

Next week’s word is ‘frame’. I wonder where that will lead us?

Hope to see you there.


I come in one colour

I have no memories

bias, prejudice or hate nor

laugh, cry or pontificate

you can’t make me reply

I can’t show you

I’m sad or depressed

angry or distressed

as your shadow

I don’t care 

what you wear

I can’t decipher

what is wrong

or what is right

I live my life

as a replica

small long or distorted

depending on the light

I’m only your reflection

I don’t have a mind

I’m just a shadow in time

As a shadow

 I can’t see me

I’m just cast

as a facsimile

of who you might

seem to be

I’m dark

not white

that’s the way

shadows are

meant to be

light doesn’t choose

what it wants to be

your eyes tell

your brain

the colours you see

close your eyes

I still exist

dance sit or run

I’m always

sharing your fun

ignore me 

all you want

you can’t hurt 

injure or destroy me

unless you 

remove the light

I’m just your shadow

so let me exist

without your prejudice

PJR    20.06.2022

Forgotten memories

She looked out the window, 
searching for a memory
nothing looked familiar.     

Just a distant knowing about the sun, 
from the shape formed behind the big old gum.

‘It must be morning’ she said one day,
with a smile from what her words did say… 

‘Now about the spot on your lungs’ the doctor said,
she replied with certainty
‘I’d like to dance instead’.

With music now more a distant sound,
she’d rather ‘dance on,’ 
with her feet on the ground. 

When the man from next door appeared at the door, 
his 5 O’clock shadow confused her, for sure.

With her blinds drawn, 
at the end of the day,
thin shards of light formed a subtle spray.

Darkness deepening, 
her fears now creeping in… 

A magnetic pull of her jumbled thoughts 
forms a shutter in her mind that distorts.

Closing down anything new,
that could penetrate or break through.

Blocking life from her reach,
no sound or waves from her favourite beach.

When the dark befalls, 
there’s no response to the calls. 

Huddled in the corner,
nothing like her former.

Sitting in her own mind, 
waiting to find, 
‘please be kind’…

The nurse arrives… 

Notices food left on her plate,
‘you have to eat your dinner dear’ she states. 

And her heart bleeds as she can see, 
the woman is a shadow of what she used to be… 

TLaB 20th June 2022


Can it act independently? 
Or is it joined on?
When I move it moves with me
Sometimes bigger and sometimes smaller
I like the shapes it makes 
It can look skinny
Or tall
Or dumpy
Which brings my smile 
The sun or light
Tells a story with shapes and movement

I wonder what it would be like to be one…

To be the shape of someone or something else
When I am still
When the universe is moving
I would not like complete darkness though
As I would disappear
I like to keep moving
I prefer to be noticed
I feel part of something
Yes connected

I have another, which is invisible
It guides me
When I ignore it, I feel uncomfortable
When I listen to it, I feel more vital
I move through each day with it
It is with me
I feel it
I am connected with it
Yes connected…

(NRS) 20th June 22

The Shadow

There are five of us you see
Two brothers, two sisters and me
Mother calls, wash your hands
Tea is nearly on the table

Washing up is next,
Flicking the tea towel is so tempting,
Not wanting to be in strife
Reluctantly, we find our best behaviour 

Changing to pyjamas, rush to the sitting room
Mother appears from the kitchen
Father in his chair, smoking his pipe
He stands to turn on the wireless

The music begins, it’s very eerie
Cuddling closer to my brother
I see my father with a grin
A voice calls out Chapter 22 of…

The Shadow Strikes Again!

He’s our superhero
Darts here, darts there
Along the alleys through the streets
Fast and furious, always our protector

The Shadow with just a blink
Sends the villians off to the clink
He’s the superhero of the town
Leaves the sheriff in a whirl

As we head off to bed, we hear,
Stay tuned in next week
When we have another enthralling episode of…
The Shadow Strikes Again! 

CCon 20th June 2022


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